3 Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is an issue that not everyone expects to deal with in life, but it isn’t uncommon. When you do start to notice that your hair is thinning or bald patches are developing across your scalp, this can be a very stressful experience that leaves you searching for solutions. You might also find yourself wondering why this is happening to you, particularly if you don’t have a family history of baldness. Below are a few reasons why this could be happening if you don’t think it is due to genetics. 

  1. Hormonal Changes

Changes in your hormonal levels can wreak all kinds of havoc, from acne breakouts, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, fluctuating body temperature – and even hair loss. The latter is perhaps one of the more distressing side effects of hormonal changes, particularly as this can drastically change the way you look and leave you feeling self-conscious. If you are pregnant, going through menopause, or have some other health issue that is interfering with your hormones, there is a good chance this is the root cause of your hair loss. Speak to your doctor about this, as they might be able to find you some medication to help balance your hormones or prescribe special shampoo to help promote hair regrowth. You could also look into other options, like a hair transplant, if you are upset over your hair loss during menopause. Visit hshairclinic.co.uk to see some examples of what a hair transplant could look like for you and find out more information on this procedure.

  1. Extreme Stress

Another reason why your hair might fall out that has nothing to do with a history of female pattern baldness is extreme stress. There are all kinds of challenges in life that you need to face, but certain circumstances can put enormous pressure on you, and this can be very difficult to cope with. Extreme stress can create all kinds of health issues, including a heightened risk of stroke, heart attacks, insomnia, and hair loss, too. If you are going through a difficult time right now, consider speaking to a therapist to learn some healthier coping mechanisms or see if there are any changes to your lifestyle that could help ease some of the stress that you are experiencing. 

  1. How You Treat Your Hair

You might be perfectly healthy but are still noticing that your hair is thinning in places or falling out in patches. In this case, your hair loss is likely due to how you are treating your hair, such as excessive styling, dying, or regular chemical treatments that are damaging your hair. It could be a good idea to take a break from your typical hair styling routine for a while until your hair recovers. You may also find that deep conditioning treatments can help to return some moisture to your scalp and hair, and this can help improve hair growth. Also, keratin shampoos can help strengthen your hair, and even scalp massages could be beneficial.

There are multiple reasons why you might be experiencing hair loss other than female pattern baldness, but these are all common causes that you might want to investigate first. If you are concerned, see your doctor as soon as possible to investigate further and find the best solution.

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