Reducing Neonatal & Infant Mortality

Neonatal Mortality (Death) Rate

Reducing Infant Mortality by Debby Takikawa

The United States is one of the only developed nations that continues to have worse infant mortality rates every year. We see more newborn death in the U.S. than every other country in the world that has adopted mother-friendly and baby-friendly birth and post-natal practices.

Infant Mortality (Death) Rate


  1. Infant mortality rate is not the same as neonatal mortality rate though. The reason the infant mortality rate is high is not necessarily directly related to birth and can have other causes. The US is also one of the few Western countries that does not take care of its own the way other countries do. I am wondering how much of that has to do with it as well.

  2. I can name a couple causes:
    -Surgical delivery and unnecessary medical intervention during normal births.
    -Over vaccination, over vaccination, over vaccination.
    -Babies sleeping in separate rooms.



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