Slogans below are in no particular order. Many were sent in, some originated in conversations here at peaceful parenting. "IF breastfeeding is sexual, then a bottle is a dildo!" was first exclaimed during one passionate discussion at our office. "Silly: My milk doesn't come from a cow" and "Mom feeds me for FREE!" are onesies one of our daddy volunteers made as a gift for his wife. "Powered By Momma" is our slogan response to the Old Navy onesies promoting artificial feeding. "Just immunize fully: breastfeed!" a peaceful parenting volunteer suggested during a research review night on immunity, and "I make something that kills cancer" is a creation we came up with at another research review meeting. One of our nursing mommas who daylights as a professor has often been caught singing, "These boobs are made for nursing... and that's just what they'll do... one of these days these boobs are gonna leak all over you..." Our "Eat Local" slogan first came from seeing signs at one of our favorite places to eat (and nurse!) as they advertised that all of their ingredients are locally grown or produced. Many of those that peaceful parenting moms and dads especially liked were made into tshirts or onesies and are available at the same wholesale price that we bought them for through Made By Momma. You can find them in the breastfeeding section of the shop. We get a kick out of all these fabulous slogans that encourage, celebrate, and raise awareness of breastfeeding, and hope you do too.

Have a favorite to add? Drop a comment below or email us at and we'll include it in the list.

From peaceful parenting momma, Sharon.

Top Breastfeeding Slogans

Breastmilk: Never been recalled.

Silly! My milk doesn't come from a cow!

Don't be a weaner. Breastfeeding is for toddlers too!

My tummy is full of mummy love.

My Mom is better than Moo.

We're fine right here. But you can eat in the bathroom if you like.

Instant Happy Baby: Just Add Breastmilk!

Breastfeeding: "A Moveable Feast"

Proudly Lactating Since 2008

I eat the World's Healthiest Fast Food.

Proud maker of the World's Healthiest Fast Food.

Latch On / Nod Off

Off to the Breast Start!  

From peaceful parenting momma, Lauren.

Give 'em the breast breakfast!

Breastfeeders do it anywhere.

Got Milk, Will Feed.

I’m so cool I store milk in my bra!

Nature’s finest on tap.

Got Boob?

Milk it!

If in doubt, whip ‘em out!

Nothing Greener than a Self-Weaner.

Mom feeds me for FREE!
I Live for Letdown!

All my other shirts are milk-stained.

Reduce Preventable Disease: Breastfeed!

Reduce Healthcare Costs: Breastfeed!

Formula is for racing cars. Breastmilk is for babies.

( . ) <-- There are two natural ways to feed a baby. --> ( . )

10 out of 10 Babies Prefer Breastmilk!

Powered by Momma

Milk Machine

[Still] Eating for 2

Breastfeeding vs. Dieting: No Contest

I haven’t bottled out.

This baby needs my milk; Not your approval.

I'm on the House White. 

Breastfed babies suck.

Breasts: Not just for selling cars.

Eat Local

Be a star and follow the milky way.

Don't be a Boob: Support Breastfeeding!

There’s nothing quite so yummy as warm milk from my mummy.

I breastfeed because I couldn't produce enough formula.

Milk from my mummy, is so much more yummy.

Keep it Real: Breastfeed

Best Bred and Breast Fed!

I Make Something that Kills Cancer!

Meals on Heels

Mother's are like no udders.

Baby Magnet ( . v . )

I drink until I pass out.

If breastfeeding offends you, put a blanket over your head.

My baby does not like to eat in the bathroom. Do you?

Yes, I am still breastfeeding; Get over it.

Formula: $10. Pacifier: $2. Breastfeeding: Priceless.

I'm too lazy to formula feed.

IF breastfeeding is sexual, then a bottle is a dildo.

My only juice is boobyjuice.

I breastfed my kids before it was cool.

I drink milk made for my own.

Cute Mother Sucker

Mom, What's a 'bottle'?

Milk and Love: Perfect Together

Have Breasts, Will Travel.

Ready Made With Love.

Baby + Breastmilk = Best formula in the world

I Make Milk! What's Your Superpower? 

Trust Your Tits

My tipple? Nipple!

Buy One, Get One Free!

Milk Bar: Open 24/7

Babies are Born to Breastfeed.

There's a reason dummies are nipple shaped...

Weapons of Mass Lactation

My Favorite Tipple Comes from Mommy's Nipple!

(.)(.)7: License to Feed

Breastmilk: Nature's Immunization

Immunize Fully: Breastfeed!

Gold Top on Tap.

These boobs were made for nursing.

Breastmilk Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Breastmilk Each Day Helps Baby Work, Rest and Play!

Breastmilk: It's What's For Dinner
(and breakfast and lunch)

Simply the Breast!

Happiness is Mother's Milk.

Helpful books, websites, and articles for nursing moms at the Breastfeeding Resources Page.
The Breastfeeding Group:



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