Christmas Miracle: Mother & Baby Back to Life After Fatal Birth

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After a Colorado mom and her baby were brought back from the brink of death after a Christmas Eve delivery, her husband says there is no other explanation except the hand of God.

On Christmas Eve, 33-year-old Tracy Hermanstorfer was admitted to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo. for what was supposed to be a routine delivery - but something went horribly wrong.

"About 35 seconds after I arrived in the room, she went into cardiac arrest and we started immediate preparations for cesarean section in the room," recalled Dr. Stephanie Martin, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Memorial Hospital.

Seconds later, both mother and baby died.

"Half my family was lying right there in front of me, in my hands," her husband Mike said. "There's no other way to say it, but dead."

Tracy had no heartbeat, no blood pressure and she wasn't breathing. The baby was also limp and unresponsive.

Attempts to revive them failed. Doctors were just about to take them away when they both came back to life.

"We were never able to fully understand what happened, but we will take it," Martin laughed.

Although the couple are Christians, they said even a nonbeliever would have to admit what happened to them was the "hand of God," a Christmas miracle.

"Someone upstairs is looking after me and saying it isn't time for me to be gone," Tracy said.

Mother and baby are now perfectly healthy.


  1. i love this! God does amazing things!

  2. Maybe it's my pregnancy hormones, but I'm crying. Definitely a miracle. God has some plans for someone. :)



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