Circumcision Information Sites: YOUR THOUGHTS?

If you were a new expecting parent, with no information about circumcision other than the standard cultural myths spread around the U.S., what 4 websites would be most helpful to you in making an informed decision for your son-to-be?

We are in the final stages of production for small info cards to be handed out during International Genital Integrity Awareness Week and also to be placed into pregnancy/baby books in bookstores and libraries across the country. There is currently room for 4 sites to be listed on these small cards.

Please give us your thoughts on the matter.

These are some of the most well known sites for research on the subject: [Islam] [Islam] [Judaism] [Catholicism]


  1. I was an expectant mother and was expected to go along with my partners wishes to circumcise my boys just as he had been. (A decision I later regretted). I think if I was looking for information at the time I wouldn't have wanted to see sites with against, anti, opposed or mutilation as a site name. I would have immediately overlooked them as extreme and inflamitory. I haven't looked at all of the sites yet but will do so tomorrow morning when I'm fresh. (it's almst time to put the kids down) But these are my initial thoughts for those who may not have made a decision or have it in their mind to cut.
    I do however think that part of the argument for circumcision is the transmition of HIV so that would be a really good site to include. Be back tomorrow with more thoughts.

  2. This page was specifically developed for expectant parents, and for childbirth professionals to share with parents. It covers a whole range of issues concerning circumcision, the functions of the foreskin, and proper care of the genitally intact child. It has videos, pamphlets, articles, and even two pamphlets in Spanish. I highly recommend this site:

  3. I can't open them all at the moment but if I was uninformed and all I was being shown was a website address, the ones that stand out to me are the ones that say things like 'drs against circ' and 'mothers against' circ'ing as well as sites with the word 'info' in their address.

    the one with sexually mutilated etc are a little off putting and might seem extremist. that one is an awesome and informative site, but for a person seeking info on what circ is I think its a bit much.

  4. I think it should be a site that isn't named something biased like nocirc. It should appear to be neutral and gives ACCURATE pros and cons to both. I can't imagine anyone would circ their baby boy after being presented with real facts in a professional way.

  5. NOCIRC, Doctor's Opposing Circ,, intactamerica, asnatureintended....and the jewsagainst circ....
    a pick from these...(all the rest are wonderful-but these are the most compelling, IMO)
    GREAT WORK! Keep it up!

  6. is going to be getting a makeover with more choice-based info at some point. Input welcome.

  7. would have helped me because I didn't know the likelihood of problems from circumcision. A lot of awesome resources listed, but for me personally, that would have kept him intact without reading everything else.

  8. you should add that "circumcision decision maker" thing because it goes through all the common reasons adults are circ'd and why what's not necessary

  9. I would love some of these to hand out and to provide to home birth clients as well. :)

  10. I don't mean to be stupid but why not just make your own page, with links to other sites.

    You could even buy your own domain, something short?

  11. Maybe you could have a little questionnaire on that site to help parents narrow it down.

    Something that asks things like what issues concern them most -religion, HIV and STIs, care of the newborn, being laughed at, whatever. If the are strongly for circumcision, unsure, strongly against.

  12. the circumcisiondecisionmaker got rave reviews.

    I think the authoritative sites like the dr and mother sites are more likely to be clicked on in our culture.

    I rarely have success with any clearly anti-circ sites. I doubt many of the people I send them to actually click on them, and they almost always complain about them being "biased" and "inflammatory."

    I'd love to see a list of circ videos as well.


  13. One site I like is It is an Australian site that is well done with lots of information. I tell people that the US can learn from those who have already traveled this path.

  14. There is so much information out there, and it's so hard to sort through it all considering the emotional issues many people have to overcome to even question circumcision. There are as many different styles of getting through to someone, as there are people. It's really hard to find one site fits all.

    For some people- it's a video. Done deal, end of question. "That's all I needed to see, it's not gonna happen to my baby."

    Most people who are about to become parents, need to read an article that touches them in some way- and at that point- they will want to do more research.
    My favorite online articles are the two from Dr. Fleiss hosted at Mothering, and the Men's Health article, "Did Circumcision Ruin Your Sex Life?" Taken together they cover infant and adult questions as well as all the concerns and fears of a parent venturing into the unknown world of caring for an intact baby.

    The CIRP link is priceless to the research minded critical thinker who really needs evidence.

    While the "Mother's Stories" page here will appeal to many people on a personal level.

    Circumstitions is another one of my favorites because Hugh's ability to summarize ideas so well as insert his own comments in red into documents that hide a pro circumcision agenda (Such as the AAP circumcision policy) He's simply brilliant- but the site is a bit cluttered and ugly. I don't think a person looking to be convinced will be endeared to that site, but once a person has decided for genital integrity- they will find lots of reassurance there. I have given many moms to be the link to the nude galleries and lists of famous men- you wouldn't believe how many women have been fed a lot of stories about what the complete natural male body is like- but they have never even seen one or considered who might have one.

    I'm glad to hear you will be at GIAW.

    this is a good one so far. I haven't read through it's entirety but so far it's giving facts, not opinions which I know parents looking for information want. I am anti-cic and my husband is pro (for the usual circ'd male reasons) and that is one website that has started to sway him. Hopefully I get him on our side of the fence before we get pregnant with a boy!
    I think what you are doing is wonderful!

  16. My top 3 sites that I find easy to navigate and seem balanced in presenting information are:

  17. mystic eye cda - thanks for your idea about another page w/ all the links. we do have a page here (as well as an image tab on the left hand side of the main page) <--- to most of the websites with detailed information and books written on the subject. coming to this site (and taking the time to look at resources) it should NOT be difficult to obtain a wide and deep amount of information on the subject. i also realize, however, that there may be those turned off by the additional parenting information at this particular site, and in this case, protecting boys from genital cutting is first and foremost the goal.

  18. I send many of these links to expectant mothers. I came into my first pregnancy with no idea what circumcision entailed. Thankfully, someone gave me the info and I researched more about it, and had never been so appalled! I make it a point to share this information with expecting mothers. My son sure will be glad someone shared it with me!

  19. one of my favs to hand on to people i am not really close with that uses good language is this one.

    otherwise i see you have most...of course there is the always useful penn and teller episode

  20. I have a bumper sticker that says "Take your whole baby home, say NO to circumcision!"

  21. I am passionate about this topic and thank you for posting about it! I love reading your stuff, and wanted to let you know I'm passing on a Kreativ Blogger award to you. The award image is over at my blog:
    You just copy and paste it, along with 7 things we don't know about you, then pass it on to 7 other bloggers you admire and enjoy reading. If you don't feel like doing it, no problem! I'll still read and enjoy your blog, thanks!

  22. I'm glad that here in Brazil we do not have this tradition. We only see this happen in Jewish families...

  23. Dylan - Thanks much!! It will be an honor to accept and pass the award along to 7 others. Will get something written just as soon as I get a break in this crazy busy day. :)

  24. sonya@bohprinting.comJuly 06, 2010 8:34 PM

    Hi Dr. Momma!

    It is quite ironic that I found this page today. I was just thinking last night that I wanted to print a few thousand postcards against circumcision that could be handed out, placed in books, or mailed (maybe anonymously if desired) to expectant parents, and i was wondering what the best information would be to put on such a card.

    Would you mind sending me what you have? Maybe in pdf format or something. We own a printing company and I really want to be more active in the cause against circumcision. My email address is

    If you have the time I would be happy to brainstorm with you. I am a relatively new intactivist but the more I read the more it upsets me that this is allowed to take place. I want to know how I can help and some tips on what has been most effective for you and others.

  25. Sonya ~

    Our collection of books, websites and articles can be found here:

    The small info cards we currently use (with good response) can be viewed here:

    The full info packs (8 articles, 3 DVDs) that we give to prospective parents, clients, and physicians/midwifes working with parents are found at:

    I'd be happy to send you the pdf file we print from. Email peacefulparnets @ The DVDs would need to be separate.

    Unfortunately there is not 1 simple, small way to make a card that has all the info needed to debunk all the myths that people in the U.S. (and occasionally Canada) may hold about male circumcision. It seems that those who elect to cut their babies do so because they hold different myths to be true.

    Most commonly held myths:

    1) being intact is 'unclean' & hard to care for
    2) everyone else is circumcising
    3) he'll want to 'match' his dad/his friends
    4) being intact leads to higher STDs
    5) it doesn't hurt (to surgically amputate the prepuce)
    6) it's just skin (the prepuce - foreskin) and has no purpose
    7) I'm Christian/Jewish/Muslim and therefore commanded to sacrifice part of my child's penis by the Bible/Torah/Qur'an.

    Each parent needs to be met where they are in their belief structure and be able to find answers - complete, solid, research based, accurate answers to their questions.

    This is where our info pack comes in - if someone reads every article and watches every DVD, they will have enough information to make an informed decision. We've never seen someone cut their child IF they actually read/watch all the material. In addition, there is a page of resources for further exploration of the issue.

    In 2010 there is no reason for anyone to cut their infant and amputate an important organ from his body -- there is simply TOO MUCH information out there (books, studies, articles, research, websites) that parents can tap into if they genuinely care to research the matter.

  26. The tragedy is that if you lived in the UK (as I do) or in any other first-world industrialised nation, questions like this would be reviled as something approaching sexual abuse at the worst or total uncomprehension at the best.

    I am very involved with this issue on other US websites (iVillage & BabyCenter, especially) and am unlikely to return to Peaceful Parenting regularly, so won't see any replies... but links to this site crop up often - and that is a feather in the cap for PP to wear with pride!




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