Michigan Foreskin Friendly Physicians

Michigan Foreskin Friendly Physicians

Dr. Robert Van Howe
Pediatric Specialists
Peninsula Medical Center
1414 W. Fair Avenue, Suite 226
Marquette, MI 49855
Phone: 906-225-3925

Janelle Stutzman, MD and Dennis Mogle, MD
MMPC Pediatrics, Grand Rapids
1545 68th St. Suite 100
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Phone: 616.534.9881

Jeffery Striebel, DO
4851 E. Pickard St.
Mt. Pleasant MI 48858
Phone: 866.247-4419

Stacey Kastl, MD Pediatrician
2940 Crooks Rd
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Dr. Flora E. Biancalana
Rising Star Wellness Center Plc.
3189 Logan Valley Rd
Traverse City, MI

Dr. Marcia Newcombe Pediatrician
26850 Providence Parkway Suite 455
Novi, MI 48374

Rekha Kostecke, MD
Ste 307, 1550 North Milford Road
Milford, MI 48381-1058

Dr. Johnie Baker, MD
West Branch Pediatics PC
335 East Houghton Avenue
West Branch, MI 48661

Dr. David S. Olson, MD
3537 W. Front Street, Ste. G
Traverse City, MI 49684
ph: (231) 935-8822
fx: (231) 935-8837

Dr. Michelle Storms MD
1414 W. Fair Avenue, Suite 36
Marquette, MI 49855

Dr. Charles (Charlie) Christensen, MD
Women and Children's Health Services
Cheboygan, Michigan 49721

Dr. Eric Clark
6800 Newark Road
Imlay City, MI 48444-9656

Joseph S. Kozlowski Jr, DO
Kozmic Family Practice
840 E Mount Hope Ave #200
Lansing, MI 48910-3293
517.853.3704 ‎

Dr. Kelly Harte, MD
Canton Health Center
1051 North Canton Center Road
Canton, MI 48187

Dr. Evan Kass
2221 Livernois Suite 103
Troy, MI

To have your physician or health care provider added to this list if s/he is intact knowledgable and does *not* attempt to retract or encourage parents to retract their baby boys and children, email DrMomma.org@gmail.com or leave a comment at the end of this page. Feedback and reviews of physicians in-state are also welcome in the comments section. View a full description of physicians across the nation here: Foreskin Friendly Physicians.


  1. Dr Dev Nandamundi at Children's Health Care in Port Huron (aka 'Dr. Dave').
    1321 Stone St Port Huron, MI 48060
    Their phone is 810-385-9559. He comes highly recommended, is against routine infant circumcision, and he and his children are intact.

  2. Are there any in the battle creek/marshall area?

    1. You might want to try asking here:

    2. Jessica, I live in Battle Creek and could not find any here so I drive to Kalamazoo. Melissa Davidson M.D. @ Healthcare Midwest/ Lifetime Wellness. 4613 W Main St. Kalamazoo, MI 49006. (269) 488-8672. She is a pediatrician & does internal medicine so she can see whole family. I take my intact son. Does not force vaccines but does suggest them but works with you. Very kind woman with great bedside manner.

    3. Hi Jessica,
      I too am a client at the same office as you, but was just recently told we would have to vaccinate or leave the practice. Have you been told this and if so have you found a new DO? We are struggling to find any in or near Kalamazoo accepting new patients.

    4. Dr Ayala at Northside Pediatrics. We have been going to him since our 10 year old was maybe 2 or 3. He is great!

  3. are any of these doctors vaccine free friendly as well?

    1. Sears has a list of vax friendly docs - http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/vaccines/find-vaccine-friendly-doctor-near-you We've had a tough time finding someone who fit all aspects of our baby-friendly ways, but then realized we don't really NEED doctor visits all that often anyway... they are only used when truly needed (once in 5 years?). :)

  4. Newcombe I would never recommend. Her entire office is full of disrespectful staff. I was treated very poorly for my decision not to vaccinate as well. They gave me nothing at trouble. She may be supposed intact friendly (not sure about that), but they are awful else wise.

  5. Kostecke is intact friendly. She supports breastfeeding extended. She does not push vaccines and has no issue with opting out. She is not hypospadias friendly however, as she feels it must be repaired surgically. I do not share that belief, but other than that she is awesome.

  6. A mother posted this in our Intact Michigan group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/IntactMI/) about her pediatrician:

    "I just told him up front, "my son is not circumcised and I want to be clear that you will not retract or push back his foreskin." He looked surprised and said "Oh, no. There is no reason for that!" And agreed with me that it's painful and damaging. He also is very supportive of our extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and gentle parenting, as well as being an excellent and knowledgeable pediatrician. He's always cheerful and gentle, and never rushes through appointments. He always asks if I have any more questions for him, and never makes me feel like a nut job for worrying over little things. He once told me "if you are worried about anything, just call us or come in. It's our job to make sure the kids are healthy and that you have peace of mind."

    Here is his contact information:

    Stephen McMahon
    SHMG (Pediatrics) - GR
    Suite 100, 1545 68th Street
    Grand Rapids, MI 49508
    Phone: (616) 267-7881
    Fax: (616) 267-7641

  7. This doctor is father to an intact advocate, and grandfather to an intact son. He was the one who initially informed his daughter of "the lack of necessity and pain of circumcision."

    Dr. James Landers
    Pointe Pediatric Associates
    Suite 4, 20825 Mack Ave
    Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236
    (313) 881-6900

  8. Emily (mom to an intact boy)April 09, 2014 1:45 PM

    Dr. Stephen Garver
    Specializing in Family Medicine
    North Pointe Family Medicine
    2298 Springport Rd Suite A
    Jackson, MI 49202

    He is knowledgeable and encouraging of boys being intact, is supportive of parenting decisions like breastfeeding until mother and baby are ready to stop, waiting until a minimum of 6 months until introducing solids and delayed vaccinating or fore-going vaccines all together. Very friendly staff at the office and he has a great bedside manner.

    1. Is he still practicing here? Ive tried calling with no luck.

  9. Dr. Adams in Grand blanc. She's located on Saginaw st in Dr. Wendy Lawton's office. She also is the secondary doctor and is only in on Wednesdays or when Dr. Lawton isn't in. Also, Dr. Lawton is very vax friendly.

    1. How is Dr Lawton on other aspects such as full term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, intact care, etc?

  10. Dr. VanAlstine in Owosso, MI is also Intact friendly! Very knowledgable. He also supported me in my full term breastfeeding journey and while he supports vaccinations he does not pressure or judge my decisions on them. He is the only Dr I will take my kids to. :)

  11. Are there any pediatricians in the Kalamazoo area that are intact-friendly and even maybe against circumcision? I've been to pediatricians in the past that have said it's fine to be intact but they aren't overly helpful when it comes to caring for the intact penis. I'm hoping to find someone who shares the same views as myself which is it's a cosmetic procedure and absolutely not necessary. Any tips are helpful. Thanks!

  12. From a mother on the Intact Michigan chapter page:

    "My son's doctor is in Midland, Dr. Berg. I travel there from Bay City. I watched him like a hawk for the first couple exams. He told me that he knows not to retract. After that I fully trust him! His partners are great too. My son had an illness last week and saw another doctor in the practice, Dr. Esan and physician's assistant Michelle. They were intact friendly too."

    Paul D. Berg, MD: Physician, MidMichigan Physicians Group
    4401 N Campus Ridge Dr d2100, Midland, MI 48640
    (989) 837-9300

  13. A mother in the Intact Michigan private discussion group wrote:

    "My son goes to Dawn Johnson. She is knowledgable about the normal penis. Has never even touched my son's penis, and in fact one time I asked a question about his foreskin and natural separation and she knew what was normal and didn't ask to see. I love her."

    D R Johnson Plc: Johnson D R DO
    Address: 1430 N Center Rd, Saginaw, MI 48638
    Phone:(989) 249-6960

  14. For the second time at this practice (listed below), my son was retracted and my telling the doctor not to was ignored. The first time was when he was only a week old, and I switched doctors within the practice immediately to one I was told was intact friendly. Just yesterday, at his two month appointment, the 'friendly' doctor retracted him. :-( With each doctor on each occasion I panicked and told them to stop, and was ignored. Beyond being ignored, they actually continued to do so repeatedly while arguing with me, to 'show me they were right.'
    I'm heartbroken and will be leaving the practice right away.

    Dr. King and Dr. Mikesell
    Shoreline Pediatrics
    684 Harvey St
    Muskegon, MI 49442

  15. Dr. Adrienne Aschmetat
    St Mary mercy medical group
    14600 Farmington rd
    Livonia, MI 48154

  16. Dr. Eric Clark in Imlay City actually passed away quite a few years ago from a sudden brain tumor. He was my childhood doctor and was the kindest, most gentle and greatest doctor that I've ever met. It made me smile to see him on this list.



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