Baby On Board Men's T-Shirt

"Real Men Wear Babies" ~ and if you aren't a pappa yourself, and want to be like all the cool dads, you can still sling a baby with this funny tee from Paul Frank Industries. ;)

Paul says, "This tee is one of our most popular around! Men can enjoy the gift of fatherhood [when they don't have] the actual fatherhood part. This is a short sleeve jersey tee with the screenprint of a baby. Great gift for men at any age!"

I thought it was humorous. After all, who doesn't want to be babywearin'?!

For much more on babywearing, see any of these great links.

1 comment:

  1. I would enjoy it more if the carrier depicted were not the infamous "crotch-dangler" a.k.a the Baby Bjorn, in a facing-out position, which is good for neither baby's sacrum nor spine. I would love to see a line of these t-shirts, well intentioned as they are, with more appropriate carrier styles (mei tai or even a sling), with a baby facing inward.



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