A Circumfetish Push to Cut The World

"When did ignorance become a point of view?"

Many of you are familiar with Brian Morris. He is a staunch pro-cutting man with a deep belief in the need to circumcise all baby boys. He and his close companions routinely publish false claims via news articles, in various internet forums, and on their websites.

This first video is a parody of this campaign to circumcise the world. It uses a short but powerful scene from the Academy Award nominated movie, "Downfall" (Der Unterang, 2004). [Warning: There are curse words that flash on the screen.] The RACP (Royal Australasian College of Physicians) has refuted Morris' circumcision claims, and has stated that the decision to remain intact, or to cut or modify one's own genitals, should be left to a young man to decide once he reaches an age of consent.

Please beware of Morris' outlandish fabrications on his websites and in internet posts. Myths are commonly couched in ways that at first seem to be research-based. The CDC, AAP, RACP and other medical groups are frequently misquoted. The majority of those who have circumcised their son(s) after "researching" circumcision quote Morris' sites and claims as their "research material." Any fascination with cutting baby boys' penises is something we need to be aware of in this day and age when information is readily shared via the internet - information that often includes myths and misconceptions pushed by those involved in circumfetish circles.

It should be noted that Brian Morris' website links to 8 circumfetish websites, and 7 websites that sell devices to perform circumcision surgery on your own.[1] He is a member of the Gilgal Society,[2] a group that publishes circumcision pornography, including circumcision fan-fiction stories of children being given wine and asked to masturbate while being circumcised.[3-4] If there is one site you should not be referencing in your attempt to thoroughly research the prepuce, intact care, and circumcision, it is Morris'.

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Read more about Brian Morris at CircLeaks.



  1. OMG HILARIOUS. References to John Harvey Kellogg and the Sorrells study are really funny for an intactivists to hear.

  2. Parents should be very careful which "resources" they entrust to learn about circumcision. Anything written or published by Brian Morris or Edgar Schoen should be analyzed with the utmost skepticism as both of these individuals are involved with circumfetish groups. In other words, genital mutilation is a sexual fetish for them.

  3. This makes me want to vomit. I am so sickened that it's rendered me nearly speechless.

  4. wait.. circ PORN?! Gosh you learn something new everyday....

  5. W.T.F? Why isn't this guy locked up?

  6. Isn't it funny how the USA has the highest percent of circumcised, sexually active adult men (over 85%) and yet we also have the highest rates of STD transmission of any other developed nation!?! I bet the over 500,000 circumcised men in the USA who have died of AIDs are rolling in their graves.

    1. Don't worry. There is no doubt a perfectly "logical" explanation.

  7. Exactly, circumcision is completely ineffective as a prophylactic measure against STDs, as demonstrated by the USA track record. Education and safe sex practices are the key! One study I have read did however indicate that circumcised men were less likely to use a condom which could be why the USA has such high transmissions rates. Not sure if that is because they have a false sense of security, or perhaps due to decreased sensation to the penis making using condoms less favorable for sexual activity.

  8. Unfortunately some parents are tricked into believing that it will benefit their child for because of Morris. While he is wildly unpopular, I often get parents who come to me with an article of his asking me to explain how he comes to such extreme conclusions. Same with Edgar.

  9. Christina i agree with you 100% - horrifying in the extreme! These are things i need to erase from my brain. Dear God.

  10. Thank you for publicizing this. I hope when Googling, this is the first place Gilgal, Morris, or circinfo come up.

  11. Circumcision porn?! The hell? REALLY?!?! WHY!!!???

  12. Finally, the circumfetishists get their 15 minutes of Hitler-based parody. It's about time!

  13. After a complaint filed by Tom Tobin, Brian Morris has until the end of the month to find a new home for his pro-cutting/circumfetish website that leads so many into false information each year.

    "The University's ICT policy specifically forbids staff from hosting personal websites on University servers. Consequently Professor Morris has been advised that the website of which you complain will be removed as it breaches University policy. The University has, however, allowed Professor Morris until the end of the month to make other arrangements.

    Yours sincerely,

    CHRIS COFFEY | Director | Office of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal

  14. I suggest reporting the website everytime it finds a new website hosting company. When you report a website for child porn, the website hosting company has to notify the authorities. Eventually they might shut him down forever (hopefully)!

  15. The head of the Gilgal Society (a circumfetish group that Morris is a part of and cites/links to on his own page and in his own work) has been arrested for child pornography.

    From the Croydon Today: http://www.thisiscroydontoday.co.uk/Croydon-circumcision-campaigner-caught-child-porn/story-15866127-detail/story.html

    THE head of a pro-circumcision group who used to run a children's computer club was caught with a hoard of child porn.

    Vernon Quaintance, from Upper Norwood, has avoided a jail term – despite having three video cassettes with nine-hours' worth of clips showing boys as young as 11 engaging in sex acts.

    The 68-year-old is the head of the Gilgal Society, a group dedicated to promoting male circumcision.

    The Old Bailey heard how police raided Quaintance's home in Henley Gardens, Upper Norwood, on April 11 last year after receiving a tip-off.

    The movies seized included graphic footage of child abuse ranked at the second-highest level of severity.

    Prosecuting, Frances Janusz said: "Of the five tapes seized, three were found to contain indecent images. They comprise a total of seven to nine hours.

    "The children were estimated to be between 11 and 16 years old."

    Robert Girling, defending, said the video tapes had been found in a box in Quaintance's office and featured films from the late 70s and early 80s.

    Mr Girling told the court: "He accepts that he acquired it and it was material that he looked at the time. But 'at the time' is approaching 40 years ago.

    "It was recovered from a box in his office and it was a box that he had not looked into for years and years."

    Quaintance, who the court was told had been celibate for his entire life, admitted three counts of possession of indecent photographs of a child.

    The retired telephone engineer was handed a 40-week jail term, suspended for two years, ordered to complete a sexual offenders rehabilitation course, and told to pay £300 costs.

    According to an online profile, Quaintance is a former chairman of Croydon Computer Club, who also started a free computer group for children.

    Sentencing him on Tuesday, judge Nicholas-Loraine Smith told him: "You said you had watched the videos but claimed to have got no sexual enjoyments.

    "I'm afraid I very much doubt that since you retained them."

    But he said Quaintance's willingness to address his problems meant he could suspend his prison sentence.

    Residents in Henley Gardens, where Quaintance is known as the respected head of the local community association, were shocked to hear of his conviction. One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "I know he is a very religious man and is committed to the church."

  16. Morris has come out to say this year that female circumcision would likely have the same 'benefits' as he sees male circumcision as having... If he wasn't discredited by all his circumfetish ways before, this should wake some people up. Why is it that every pro-cutting news article I read (and almost always ONLY in U.S. based media - with the occasional Canadian or Australian item tossed in there) is based on Morris? When are we going to wake up to the agenda here? The fetish behind the cult...



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