Is CBD Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

With regards to questions regarding CBD and its efficacy for pregnant women, the safest answer is to talk with your doctor regarding any plans to use cannabidiol during pregnancy.

As of writing, there is no conclusive proof of the effect CBD has for the fetus or the mother’s health. This means that referring to your OB-GYNE is imperative to know whether taking CBD is safe for fetal growth and development, and also to your health.

CBD-containing products such as CBD oil has made rounds in the news and social media after the US 2018 Farm Bill has been passed. This removed industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances. Hemp being the source plant from which CBD is extracted. It’s also not just in the US; CBD has made quite an impression all over the world. In Europe and China, several CBD brands and shops have popped up, all aiming to cash in on this popular venture.

There are also many online stores that you can check out, all offering CBD oil and CBD-infused products that are beneficial for a number of medical conditions.

Why is CBD so popular? CBD or cannabidiol is lauded for being a miracle remedy for various ailments, including stress relief and pain management. It’s also pretty controversial for the fact that CBD is extracted from the same source plant as marijuana, a psychotropic substance. However, it does not produce the ‘high’ as cannabis does due to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content.

With users claiming that CBD is very effective and safe, it’s no wonder why everyone is clamoring to try one and see if it works better than over-the-counter drugs or prescribed medicines. Expecting mothers are part of the demographic that wishes to experience how CBD can help in the dilemmas of pregnancy, particularly in nausea and other physiological changes related to it.

Why are pregnant women taking CBD Oil?

Pregnancy causes a lot of bodily changes. While the famed “pregnancy glow” might make it seem like it’s easy to carry another life inside your womb, it’s harder than it looks. There are several undesirable symptoms that come with this significant life event, and it is thought that CBD oil can be the answer to many, if not all, of these dilemmas.

Here are some of the symptoms in pregnancy that CBD oil might just help alleviate, which makes it interesting for expecting moms to try out.


A growing belly to accommodate the development of the fetus inevitably causes general pain and discomfort. It causes back pain and muscle cramping, especially on the arms and legs.

The CBD oil has been noted to treat inflammation and extreme pain, which makes it a very attractive natural remedy to gestational discomfort.


Not every mother experiences morning sickness, but those who do know how taxing it is to wake up and feel drained every morning. A study from 2011 states that cannabinoids may indirectly activate serotonin receptors, which produces the anti-nausea effects of CBD.


More than half of pregnant women suffer from insomnia at different stages of their gestation. Pain and discomfort might cause sleepless nights for an expecting mother, but this can also be attributed to stress and other mental challenges during pregnancy. There are several studies that show how CBD can increase total sleeping time for a person and maybe therapeutic in people who have trouble sleeping. This evidence may be the answer to pregnancy-related insomnia, too.

Anxiety or Depression

The emotional effect of pregnancy in women is pronounced and can be quite problematic if not handled properly. Some commonly associated psychological changes with gestation are anxiety and depression. Such conditions may be caused by hormonal changes, but can also be due to the fact that child-bearing is a stressful event in anyone’s life.

CBD oil is known to reduce anxiety, and users are praising it for being a natural combatant to stress. This may prove useful to expecting mothers who want to be as stress-free as possible and make the pregnancy much easier to bear.

Is it Safe?

CBD oil is considered by many to be a therapeutic remedy and even a nutritional supplement. Although it is not addictive like marijuana, it also has its own setbacks, namely that not many clinical trials and studies are made around CBD.

Pregnancy is a delicate process, and introducing any new substances is generally frowned upon by medical practitioners. CBD might be decorated with a lot of therapeutic properties, but most of these claims aren’t proven.

Also, different researches are a very contradiction at the moment. A meta-analysis revealed that THC, which is also found in cannabidiol although in lower doses, may result in the baby’s low weight and complications after birth. On the other hand, one study showed that there are no noted significant changes in babies whose mothers have consumed THC during gestation.

It is very unfortunate that much research and clinical studies need to be done to establish CBD’s efficacy in pregnancy. Expecting mothers would greatly benefit when taking CBD oil to make child-bearing an easier and more enjoyable experience. For now, it is considered unsafe for pregnant women and lactating mothers to take any CBD-containing compounds until researches prove otherwise.

If you are pregnant but want to try CBD oil, arrange a meeting with your doctor to discuss whether it is the right course of treatment for you. You may also want to check out alternative remedies for the different symptoms of pregnancy.

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