7 Ways to Customize Your Home Décor

Make your home décor more meaningful by having it customized. From canvas prints to statement rugs, there are plenty of ways to incorporate personalization into your house. Keep on reading and we’ll share some of the best ways to do this.

1. Display Family Photos

Make your décor inspiring by incorporating family photos. One of the best ways to do this is to display canvas art in the foyer or living room. This will be a great statement piece and conversation starter. If you want to transform your family photos into wall art, the pros at Shutterfly can extend a helping hand.

2. Show Off Your Love for Travel

Do you love to travel? Then show it off in your home décor! Consider creative ways to display your travel souvenirs and keepsakes. Go beyond ref magnets! You can have a glass cabinet where you will display items from your travels. You can also print photos from your memorable trips and have them grouped in a gallery wall. To display these photos creatively, consider wood wall art from Shutterfly.

3. Build a Wall with Chalkboard

Find an area at home where you can have a chalkboard wall. This is a great place for kids to show off their doodling skills. You can also use this space for displaying inspirational quotes and chalk art. The good thing is that you can easily change it depending on your mood.

4. Make a Coffee Table Book

Tables don’t have to be bare. If you want to give it more glam, then adding a coffee table book will help. To make it more special, make your coffee table book. Showcase pictures of your family from recent vacations or highlights from your wedding. This can also be a good way to entertain your guests.

5. Let the Walls Speak

Don’t get stuck with boring walls. You can personalize it with your choice of paint. You can even incorporate geometric patterns. If you are feeling a little creative, try making a DIY wallpaper. Using washi tapes is also a good way to spice up your walls and make them captivate the attention of your guests.

6. Create a Creative Nook

Find a small space at home and transform this into a creative nook. Here, you can be as experimental as you can. Do not hesitate to unleash your artistic side to decorate this space. You can also add a table and chair to make it a place where you can think or de-stress.

7. Make Your Own Cabinets

Whether it is in the kitchen or bathroom, among other places, you can also have customized décor by designing your cabinets. Choose the color and type of wood that you prefer, as well as the finish. Pick the handles that will look best and make sure that they match with everything else in the room.

Do not make your home ordinary. Stay away from generic décor that you can find in almost any other house. Take it to the next level by incorporating personalization. From displaying family photos to adding life to boring walls, consider our suggestions above for customizing your home décor.

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