What Dads Should Do After Childbirth

Fatherhood is something that many fathers long for. However, for many fathers, especially first-time fathers, fatherhood can be a difficult time. This mostly as a result of the fact that they do not really know what’s expected of them and what they should do in helping their wives. To help those who find themselves trapped in such unfortunate scenarios, this article is going to share with all fathers what they should do after childbirth.

Become the new cook and nutritionist

Labour drains women of most of their energy. As such, after childbirth, fathers should do most of the household chores as possible including cooking. It’s important however that in addition to assuming the role of the house cook, fathers should also become nutritionists as women soon after birth need to eat nutritious diets. Fathers should provide more proteins and vegetables. In the same vein, it's important that the wife also takes lots of water.

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Massage her

The first few days after childbirth may be quite uncomfortable for the wife especially if she had to go through the caesarian section. As such, in order to ensure that your wife is always stress-free and comfortable,it’s advisable to become her new masseuse. Thanks to the power of the internet, fathers can easily learn all about massaging online.

Encourage her to seek support from other mothers

As alluded to above, the first few days after childbirth maybe uncomfortable for the wife, as such, one way of ensuring that your wife removes the ‘uncomfortable’ burden is to encourage her to seek support from other mothers. Through mixing, mingling and sharing stories with other mothers, she may learn a thing or two of how she can cope with the stress that comes with giving birth.

Regularly compliment her

Another great way of ensuring that your wife is stress-free during the immediate days after giving birth is to regularly complement her. Whenever she undertakes to do a task and she completes it, remember to tell her how immensely proud you are. This will only help to raise her confidence and to make her stress-free.

Let her cry

After a difficult birth, it's only normal that she may go through some emotional trauma. When this happens, you should not force her to keep her emotions inside but rather, you should encourage her to let her emotions out. Keeping one’s emotions inside will only compound the situation.

No pressure for sexual acts

We all know that fathers love intimacy. However, it's advisable to postpone our quest for sexual acts to later dates when she is comfortable and ready. Pressurizing for sexual acts soon after childbirth may lead her to resent you and the relationship.

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