What Are The Best Games To Play With Your Toddler?

Free time with kids can be a lot of fun! Rather than sitting around in front of another video game or watching television, let's get creative, become imaginative, and interact with our little ones in game play that sparks their mental development along the way. Fun, educational games give us the ability to have fun while our kids learn! Not all games are suitable for every child. Within this guide, we'll look at some fun games to play with young children.

Simon Says

PokiesHQ offers a lot of fantastic information regarding casino games. These are excellent for adults, though not suitable for children. Still, similar games are played by kids each day, and too often these children seem to have troubles listening or following directions as they get older. Simon Says is a perfect game for small children to interact with parents and develop close listening skills. It's a game everyone can play, and fun for all.

It will help your child develop and perfect their listening skills. On top of that, you’ll be able to use this game to bond with your child. With that being said, you should start with this game and try others if you have more free time to kill.

One For You And One For Me

While you’re at it, you should think about playing “one for you, one for me”. This is a very fun game that will teach your child the importance of sharing. It is a good choice for young toddlers. The concept is very easy and this makes it suitable for everyone. On top of that, you won’t be required to buy anything special. You need to find objects that you and your child are going to love. For instance, you can use coins or cookies. Anything similar to that should do the trick. Your child should distribute the items while saying one for you or one for me.

Once all of the items are gone, you can enjoy them if they’re edible. Either way, this game can be fun and educational.

Hot And Cold

This is a very good chance that can help your child develop many skills. It will encourage them to move around a little and they’ll also need to use their problem solving skills. How does it work? Well, you’ll need to find an item that your child loves. When they’re not looking, you should hide it in a good location. Now, it is time for the toddler to begin looking for the item in question. When they do so, you can let them know how close they are by saying hot or cold. You say hot when they’re getting closer and cold when they’re getting further away.

This will prove to be very beneficial for your child. After all, it’ll improve their patience and it’ll teach them to never give up. Again, this is a game that requires very little besides time. It offers a whole lot in return.


If you have multiple kids or you’re running a daycare, you should think about playing the parachute game. This is very similar to Simon Says since it will require your toddlers to pay attention. How does it work? Well, you’re going to need multiple people and a large sheet. Now, you’ll need to give out commands. Remember that you can give commands and play along too. Everyone will need to work together to ensure that you’re successful. You’ll want to say up, up and up! Or, you can say down, down, down!

The children will need to follow orders. This will turn the sheet into a parachute and it will be very entertaining for your children.

Hide And Seek

Finally, you should think about playing hide a seek. This is a classic game that will keep your toddler entertained for hours. On top of that, it can be educational and helpful. Just remember that you shouldn’t hide too well. If you do, you might make it too difficult on your child and they might not find you.

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