Navy Sailors Die After H1N1 "Swine Flu" Vaccination

I don't typically get into vax news, preferring instead to stick to research and make informed choices on a vax-by-vax basis and letting others do the same. And I am not a big fan of 'scare tactics' in the media (on either side of the issue). But my husband is currently overseas on a submarine with the Navy for several months and there are MANY sailors becoming ill from a variety of mandated H1N1 vaccinations. So this much I know is true. There have also been confirmed deaths (at least one officer that I know of). We should NOT be mandating a vaccine that has NOT been adequately tested. And it certainly should not be given to children. I do not wish to have my husband or my children used as guinea pigs for this particular trial, and I am sure there are many other parents out there who feel the same way.

Doctor will NOT give H1N1 vaccination to his children:

H1N1 Flu, Vaccines & Pregnancy

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