CDC Recommendation: Genital Cutting on Those Who CANNOT Say No!

Good Point, Tony.

"Any recommendation to circumcise infant males to reduce the risk of HIV is unethical because it encourages genital cutting on a healthy, non-consenting individual. It is also stupid. Infant males are not at risk of HIV now, and will be at little risk of the only type of transmission (female-to-male) that voluntary, adult male circumcision has been shown to reduce when they begin having sex, even if they do not use condoms, which no one is suggesting they may do after circumcision. Like WHO and UNAIDS, the CDC is considering recommending infant circumcision because they know such recommendations convince parents. If they were confident that men would embrace it, they'd focus on adult volunteers. They know that's a dead-end for mass acceptance, so they recommend it for those who can't say no. It is not force by government, but when told to a receptive audience acting on behalf of another, the difference is in tactic, not outcome."

quote from "Talk about the issue, not Rush Limbaugh"
(I am not personally advocating one side or the other on Tony's take of Limbaugh or Obama. What I care about here is the health, safety, human rights, and genital integrity of babies and their freedom to make future bodily choices as consenting adults)

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