How to Get Your Child Prepared for Boarding School

How to Get Your Child Prepared for Boarding School

A boarding school is, at times, the best educational option for a child. However, you must prepare your child adequately for him to enjoy the experience. Your child will be away from home and in the company of strangers for the first time. He will interact with children from different cultures and backgrounds. He will also have to adjust to a new school and personal schedule. Luckily, children are quick to adapt to a new environment if they are well prepared. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for a boarding school.

1. Start Talking about it Early

Your child needs to understand your decision to transfer him to a boarding school. Do not wait until a couple of weeks before the school term starts to inform him of the decision. As soon as you make the decision, start talking to him about it. Let the child know what to expect in the new environment, including the challenges involved. Allow him to ask questions and express any fears about the change. Remain positive while talking about it because your child will adapt towards the change.

2. Teach Your Child Independence

One of the greatest challenges that your child may face at a boarding school is learning to do everything on his own. Teach your child how to keep his room, school items, and personal belongings organized. In fact, you need to teach your child independence even if you are unsure about enrolling him in a boarding school. Talk to the new school and find out the tasks that children do on their own. Teach your child to do those tasks at home without your help.

3. Choose Appropriate Clothing

If the boarding room has a no uniform policy, go shopping with your child. Give him the opportunity to pick the clothes he wants to wear in his new school, but make sure that the clothes are appropriate as well. Dolce & Gabbana Kids has a wide collection of kids’ clothes and items that would be perfect for a boarding school environment.

4. Assure Him of Regular Visits and Contact

Most schools allow parents to visit their kids on weekends and public holidays. You may be considering a boarding school because of a busy work schedule. Include regular visits in your schedule and talk to your child about it. Explore all means of keeping in touch including phone calls, email, or Skype. It is normal for a child to feel homesick, but if you stay in touch and visit often, the homesickness will not affect their learning.


Your child’s experience in a boarding school depends on how well you prepare him for the new environment. While kids adapt fast to a new environment, you need to start the process early. Involve him in the decision making process and explain the reasons for choosing a boarding school. Encourage him to express his concerns and worries and assure him of your support and regular visits. Remember to keep your promises and stay positive about the change.


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