How to Conquer Fear and Overcome Mental Obstacles

By Helen Birk © 2017

In the present conditions, our lives become too stressful. Every day we deal with mountains of challenges. This is one reason people are getting more stressed and depressed. Those stresses cause panic and redundancy of thoughts. Feelings of dread are considered to be far more dangerous than anything else because they build mental barriers and obstacles in your mindset.

To begin with, what is a barrier? In most cases, people use this word without considering the meaning. They generalize and make it almost a lethal disease. Sure, it isn't a pleasant thing, but it is not as bad as cancer. There is no reason in finding the only definition because each person has its interpretation. We all know how to get barrier blocks and how to implant them in someone is head as well. It takes a few harmless phrases to ruin (or change) someone's life. A person may perceive such offensive words seriously, and as a result, can feel anxious and lack of self-confidence. Now, that individual is scared to discuss obtrusive issues and share her feelings with other people. However, the question arises whether she/he can conquer her fear?

The problem of coping with fear has been analyzed thousands of times, and still, no one came up with a single answer. Most people recommend staying calm and cool while you are feeling depressed and hence you will feel better. Unfortunately, fighting with fears is a matter of each person individually. If you keep a mental barrier in secret and want to get rid of it, here is a short list of tips you can follow to overcome your obstacles and avoid creating new ones:

1) Stop comparing yourself to others 

Each person is fully responsible for their actions, and every life is unique and valuable. According to this statement, here are three obvious truths:

• Don't think that you are worse than somebody else
• Don't try to imitate someone's life
• Don't just waste your life - make it worth living, eliminating such things as fear and uncertainty.

Everyone feels anxiety - just accept it as a part of your life cycle, and things will change.

2) Stop being afraid 

Coping with a mental block is a difficult task. As a rule, it's something that doesn't allow you to live a normal life, therefore you need to fight it. Fear is not a physical illness ñ it is a natural state of mind. Donít look for the psychologists - you are the only person, who can cure yourself. Try to challenge your fears and solve everyday problems, and soon you will obtain positive results.

3) Do what you want 

People are always judging others, and this is not a secret. What is the point of putting aside your dreams when society will still be unhappy with you? Others will undoubtedly challenge your desires, to find courage in doing what you like and what brings you happiness. Do what you need and live the way you want without creating restrictions for yourself.

4) Personal goal setting 

If you find it difficult to fight fear in the usual way, make a plan and set goals on reaching your recovery. Think of it as of a game and try to reach the final level. If you conquered your fear, it means you have won the game!

5)  Explore ways to avoid mental block

As soon as you had overcome your fears, you understood that getting rid of them is much harder than getting them. Ignore anyone who is pointing out your weakness or mocking you. It is important to realize how you perceive yourself but not the others.

6) Find a hobby

If such obstacles bother you, don’t focus on them too much. Find a hobby and allow it to distract you from your day-to-day problems. Do exercises in the morning, paint landscapes, play musical instruments, help students at writing service edubirdie – anything you like! You need to fight yourself to get rid of doubts. If you have no idea what you want to do in your free time, there are plenty of ideas on the web. Moreover, if you find a hobby that is somehow connected with your wish - you are the lucky one!

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