4 Tips to staying full when starting Nutrisystem

You’ve probably had enough of being overweight, and have made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. The first step you took was to become more active. You’ve started to exercise and you are now seeing the fruits of your labor.

You’re also now mindful of the calories you are consuming every day. To make it easier for you, there are companies that offer prepackaged meals that have already been portioned. One example of that is Nutrisystem, which has already boasted of many success stories who availed of their meal plans. Don’t be discouraged if you think the plan might be expensive as there are Nutrisystem.com deals, coupons and promotions available for you.

For those who are starting Nutrisystem, one effect might be the feeling of being hungry all the time since you are consuming fewer calories than what you were used to consuming. To combat that, here are some tips you can follow so that you will not be tempted to snacking on unhealthy food.

1. Eat some fiber – because fiber takes longer to digest compared to other nutrients, it helps you to feel full longer than other food and nutrients. Instead of the usual and typical breakfast meal of cereal, why not opt to eat a fiber-rich meal of warm oatmeal? Studies have proven that fiber, particularly oatmeal eaten during breakfast can actually make the person eat fewer calories during lunch by as much as 30 percent. Instead of indulging in sweets and French fries for a snack, you can also opt for fiber-rich smoothies or bars instead so that you can stay full longer. Do your research on what snacks you can eat so that your diet while using the Nutrisystem will not be affected and you can keep working toward your goal.

2. Drink water before you eat your meals – make it a habit to drink water before you start your meal. Studies suggest that the ideal volume of water to take is about 16 ounces. When you consume this much water, studies show that you can lose more weight than people who do not do this habit. Because you drank a lot of water, your stomach will feel full already and there is no temptation to add more food to your meals.

3. Concentrate on just eating during meal time – one of the problems in the world today is that there is too much distraction around us. For example, it is rare to sit down to a meal without the possibility of watching TV or having your phone beside you. You are less likely to savor and enjoy your meal when you are also doing another task. Keep away from doing things like reading newspapers or looking through your email during meals and focus on enjoying your food instead.

4. Use smaller plates – when you only have a small portion of food on a big plate, your brain thinks that you want to eat more because of how little food there is on your plate. Switch to smaller plates so that your brain will think that you are still eating a lot even though you are eating less.

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