7 Nursing Skills That You've Already Mastered as a Mom

Being a mom is a wonderful thing. It is also a great learning experience. While not all mothers consider taking up a career in nursing, there are numerous nursing skills that mothers learn even without going to class. These skills are necessary for the survival of their young one and the well being of the entire family. Here are several skills that mothers learn that are also applicable when one is considering becoming a nurse.

1) Communication Skills

As a mother, you must have sharp communication skills. You need to communicate with everyone on behalf of your child. Also, you must anticipate the needs your child has and find out how to solve the issues. There is also the need to vary your communication skills, depending on who you are speaking to and what you are speaking to them about. As a nurse, one must be able to speak, listen, and intervene when the need arises. They must also communicate with the patient and their families about their health status. Their main task is to anticipate the needs a patient has and be their advocate.

2) Empathy

A mother has to show love and care to their children. You need to feel the pain and joy your kids are feeling even when your day is not so great. Also, you should constantly encourage them to achieve more and do better. A mother also needs to care about the dreams and passions of her children and has to notice their unique talents. Caring is a central part of nursing and benefits the nurse and the patient. As a nursing intervention, empathy allows patients to feel at ease with the nurses to allow them to find and treat any health problems they may have. It is also a great way for nurses to understand their patients and allow them to have the freedom to approach them when they have problems.

3) Detail Oriented

A mother gets to know that her child is not as active as he usually is before everyone else. She also notices the slightest fever cases without having to take a thermometer. Also, a mom makes note of the changes in the weather and protects her child from their extremes. This is a skill that makes mothers the best nurses. In the medical field, a small error can cost you a life. That is the reason why a career in medicine is one of the most stressful one. A nurse or doctor who is not keen with details can mix up procedures and treatments and compromise the health of a patient, not to mention their lives. A great nurse, just like a mother, manages patients without skipping necessary steps or making errors.

4) Great Interpersonal Skills

Mothers tend to be great listeners. Toddlers have numerous stories to tell and a mother must remember all the friends their child introduces them to and their favorite things. In listening, the mother must actively participate in the story being told to make the child feel appreciated. This is a critical skill in nursing that mothers tend to learn almost by default. A nurse helps to alleviate the stress and prevents the development of depression symptoms by being great friends to their patients. They listen to stories about the patient’s life, friends, and family. With time, the patient will open up to the nurse and tell them when they are stressed and if they are in pain. With that, the nurse can prevent psychological problems and keep their patients happy throughout the treatment. It also allows patients to be more open to the treatment plans chosen by both the doctor and patients. Mothers are also able to notice issues with their family members by just speaking to them.

5) Enduring Physical Strain

Right from the time a child is born, a mother has to sacrifice their sleep to feed the baby, clean the house, and ensure that other children in the household are ready for school or bed on time. Mostly, when the child is still an infant, mothers tend to get less than 6 hours of sleep a day. However, they still manage to do all the house chores and take care of their children without complaining. Nurses work for long periods. Most of the time, they are on their feet moving from one patient to another. Sometimes, a nurse will work double shifts, which extend to almost 20 hours each day. They also have to lift objects or people in their work. This is stressful on their bodies. Just like mothers, only fit nurses can keep up with the demands of the job and still do error-free jobs.

6) Flexibility

Mothers learn to forgo everything and focus on their kids. Even in the middle of the night, a mother will wake up to feed her child and check up on them. A nurse must always be ready to report to work when needed. There are often medical emergencies that require a nurse to go to the hospital suddenly even at odd hours of the night. Just like moms, nurses too are required to work overtime to complete their tasks.

7) Respect for Rules and People

Mothers must respect each of their children because they are all different. They must also respect their spouses and create rules in the household that should be followed and respected. A great nurse also shows respect for people and rules. They remain impartial, mindful, and respectful when dealing with people from different cultures and norms.

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