How to Make Sure You Can Afford a Second Baby

How to Make Sure You Can Afford a Second Baby 

Many couples start to think about a second baby as soon as the first leaves the baby phase. It’s a wonderful time of life and it is only natural to want to repeat the experience as soon as possible.

However, for most families, one of the biggest concerns is money. Once you’ve had a baby you realise just how much they cost and how difficult it can be to lose an income. However, these concerns don’t need to stop you expanding your family. Here are some great ways to make sure you can afford to bring a second child into your home.

Make Some Cuts

There are so many places you can save money, but food shopping is a big one. Start writing meal plans and shopping lists and try buying cheaper ingredients. Next, use a comparison site to see if you could save by switching suppliers. Finally, cancel any contracts or subscriptions you don’t need. On their own, these things might not save you much money, but it could quickly start to add up.

Keep Everything 

Even if you aren’t certain that you will be having a second baby, keep things just in case. This should include bigger things like your cot and pram, but it’s also worth saving toys and clothes, as these can get very expensive. If space is an issue, see if you can use your parent’s attic or a friend’s garage for a while.

Find Free Ways to Have Fun 

There is so much you can do without spending a penny. Some great ideas include:

 • Having a picnic in the park
 • Going for a walk
 • Going to a museum
 • Visiting your local children’s library
 • Joining baby or craft groups
 • Playing board games
 • Playing online games
 • Crafting at home

Check Your Entitlements 

However you feel about benefits, it is worth checking out what you are entitled to. The system is in place to help families, so take what you need. If you are working, you may be entitled to working tax credits to help pay for your childcare, as well as child tax credit to help towards to costs of raising a family. Unless your household income is high, you will also be entitled to child benefit. While things could change following this year’s Snap Election, it is still worth checking the government’s online calculator for some guidance.

Make a Budget 

Setting yourself a budget makes it much easier to monitor your spending and save money. Sit down and write a list of all your outgoings. Include all your bills and contracts but nothing else. Then, look at what’s left once this is taken away from your income. Use these figures to set a budget for your weekly food shops and any other extras you need to buy. You can download an app or planner to help you.

Generally, two babies aren’t twice as expensive. A lot of things like food or holidays are based on a family of four, so they won’t cost you extra. Another thing to remember is that you will never be able to afford a baby. We all want to give our children the best. However much you’ve got, you will want to give them more. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge. Good luck!


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