Listen up mum, make some time for yourself!

Being a mum is a full-time job, we all know that. Constantly running around after these little humans that completely rely on you, pandering to their every whim, whilst remembering to sleep, eat, and wash can be pretty tough going! But of course, it is worth every second!

Yet when was the last time you took a bit of time to do something YOU want to do? I know that meeting friends for coffee, a girls night out, or even a Pilates class might be a bit much time wise, but there are plenty of other things you can do with a precious moment or two of downtime that will make you feel great. Read on to find out more!

Online Keno Games 

Okay, now before you jump to any judgements about online gambling, listen up a second. In the last few years, these games have become cool again. It is one of the most popular past times now, and even better - you can do it on your smartphone wherever you are! Online keno games are great, similar to Bingo where you can win fantastic prizes from wagering very little. Everyone is doing it these days, and it is a great way to relax and unwind while you catch a moment to yourself.

Try your hand at gardening

You do not have to have a huge back yard to garden. It is easy to grow herbs and various other plants on window sills and balconies. This is something that you can also involve the children in! Although it might get a bit messy, why not get them to help you put the soil into pots and plant the seeds? You can then watch their progress together as they grow and teach them about responsibility as you water each day. The best bit is, at the end you have some yummy homegrown items to devour, or some beautiful flowering plants, and the children learn where our food comes from.


We all love taking photos of our little darlings, but have you ever considered learning how to snap photos skillfully? You can find plenty of short courses, articles, and videos online that will give you lots of tips and tricks to get the best out of your camera. You don’t have to travel far to get the best pics either, obviously you can photo your family and friends, but try macro photography of flowers, or the things around you, to mix things up in your photo collection.


Again, no one is saying you have to take time out to visit a class as finding time for that can be rather impossible. Instead why don’t you try looking on YouTube for instructional videos you can dance along to in the living room? You might even be able to get the littles involved and make it a family activity- fun whilst getting fit. Zumba is so much fun, it has even been described as like going to a party! What more could you want in a fun workout?

Just a couple of ideas for you to take a bit of time to yourself - remember a happy mummy matters.


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