How to Prepare Your Child for Daycare?

How to Prepare Your Child for Daycare?

Daycares can be a blessing in disguise when it comes to preparing your child for the forthcoming years. They are not the only blessing for working parents who look for safe caregiving options for their kids while they are at work, but they are also excellent early learning centers that help in confidence building and personality development of your child in an ancient age.

With all its merits accepted, the single significant aspect that scares parents from sending their toddlers to daycares is the tender age and the thought of leaving them in an environment stranger them. Many kids are stubborn and take a while to settle in the daycare life. Separation anxiety for both parents and kids is a real concern. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. For example following are some points in order to prepare your child for daycare.

Talk About Childcare and Daycare Centers in a Playful Manner

To mentally prepare your child for the daycare, it is essential that you start making him by talking randomly about daycares in a playful, natural manner. Bring in the life at daycare randomly in between your conversations and communicate the positive experiences about daycare. Talk about how painting and sand play at the daycare are so much fun and how beautiful the classrooms are with so many cute toys to play with. Repeatedly talking about daycares will make the child familiar with the idea that there are spaces where children go to play and have fun.

Read Stories about Daycare

Read interesting books and stories, including bedtime stories that revolve around daycares and nurseries. If you are unable to find a relevant book, make up your account. Talk about a baby whose mommy drops him to daycare every day for a surprise and he gets to play with new toys and learn new rhymes every day.

Set up an Expected Routine

No matter how much you talk about going to daycare to a child, if he is not well slept in the morning, he is bound to be cranky and grumpy and will find it more difficult to settle in the system. Get your child into a routine from a few weeks before joining the daycare. Have early bedtimes so that he wakes up fresh and well rested. Introduce a physical activity before bedtime followed by a warm bath so that he gets tired and sleeps comfortably. Make proper meal plans and make sure he eats on time.

Be Confident

Remember that a child picks cues from his parents. If he feels that his parent is anxious, he will show the same level of anxiety. Although separation anxiety is real and natural, you need to make sure that your child does not sense your fear. Be confident in front of him and do not disappear suddenly after leaving him. Say a proper goodbye followed by an assuring hug and let him know you will be back to pick him up at home time.

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