Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Hotel Experience

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, choosing the right hotel for your money is sometimes really tricky. One thing remains the same, hotels will never give you coziness and warmth of your home. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the most out of your hotel stay.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you already have your own routines and things you practice doing when staying in hotels. For everyone else, in this article, we’ll give you some of the neatest tricks on how to make yourself comfortable as much as you can while in the hotel.

Budget Saving Tips

Even if you book the ultra all-inclusive package at some of the most famous world resorts, there will still be some things that you’ll need to pay extra if you want to use them. Do your math before booking the hotel and see what are your option with each one.

For example, the mini-bar. While domestic soft drinks and bottled water are usually included in the price of accommodation, you might want to have a snack at a certain point or to replenish your energy by eating a chocolate bar.

In order to avoid hefty hotel prices for taking these out of the mini-bar, it’s a good idea to always bring some of your favorite snacks and sweets with you. At very least, it will save you some money you can spend on other things which are not included in the price of your stay. Massages and visiting wellness centers for example.

Choose Your Room

Sometimes, simply booking your stay is not good enough. You might end up having an old room which hasn’t been renovated in years.

Also, position of the room is very important as if you are in the room on the middle floor you can expect a lot of noise coming both from the bottom and from the above. If you want to avoid that, you should particularly ask for a room that’s on the last floor. Apart from it being peaceful and quiet, you will probably get a room with a wonderful view.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of opting for apartments instead of the hotel accommodation is the fact that you will have the sole privacy in the secluded apartment. For example, if you’re planning to visit New South Wales, an affordable accommodation in Thredbo will give you a wide array of different pricing and booking options. You can arrange for anything from a small chalet looking at the ski slopes to a luxurious 2-floor apartment.

Take Advantage of the Hotel Perks

And if we’re talking about the advantages of hotel and resort stays opposed to booking an apartment, we can’t miss on all the perks and add-ons you’ll get if you book your stay in hotel.

Again, if you’re a frequent traveler, your hotel choice will strongly be influenced by what hotel might offer you besides regular room accommodation.

If you booked a hotel that has a sauna, gym, swimming pool, or something else you should at least give it a go when you already paid for it. Instead of spending your time in your room watching TV, you might want to try yourself out in bowling. After all, you paid for it.

Hygiene First

Last but not the least, hygiene is something that should be addressed by every traveler. Even if you’re booking your stay at some of the top-notch hotels, it would still be advisable for you to bring antibacterial wipes with you and to use them on objects that are not disinfected so often (TV remote for example).

Other than that, keep in mind that the room service won’t change your sheets on an everyday basis if you don’t specifically ask for it. So don’t be shy to ask for it on an everyday basis, especially if this is your first stay at that particular hotel.

At the very end, if you want to be respected and to have extra attention from the hotel staff, a proper tip is always welcome. They will remember you and will be at your disposal at any point during your stay.

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