5 Issues to Discover in an Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

Has your professor told you to write an essay about teen pregnancy? Do you know what to write about? Teen pregnancy has become a big issue now, considering the fact that kids are becoming sexually active at a younger age. There are many issues you can write about concerning this subject, and this article will give you the top five.

1. Does Teen Pregnancy Affect Education?

This is an issue that affects teenage girls who get pregnant while still studying either at the high school or college level. You can write an essay exploring what challenges these girls face while being pregnant as a teenager but still trying to complete their education. These challenges are important to talk about because 30% of girls who get pregnant as teenagers in America end up dropping out of school, according to the National Conference of State Legislature (NCSL). That is one in every three girls, making it clear that teen pregnancy has a negative effect on education.

You can also talk about how the children of teen mothers perform in school as well. According to the NCSL, more than half of these children will repeat a grade. The website also says that these children are also more likely to drop out of school than children whose parents are much older.

This essay can be the perfect platform to suggest that schools and the government should take preventative measures to decrease the rate of teen pregnancy. You can argue that this can reduce dropout rates and increase the rates at which girls attain education.

2. How to Finish High School While Pregnant?

As mentioned earlier, being pregnant while still being a teenager can affect the ability of the girl to finish her education, and this is especially more difficult at the high school level. Teen pregnancies can mean missed classes in order to attend doctor checkups and appointments. Symptoms of pregnancy, like morning sickness, can also cause one to miss class or rush out in the middle of class to throw up in the bathroom.

You can write an essay focusing on how teen mothers can balance being pregnant and completing high school at the same time. Your essay can tell them they need help from everyone involved, from the parents, teachers to even the doctors to figure out a schedule that works in favor of the pregnant teen.

3. Health Risks Associated with Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy, especially at a very young age, does not only affect educational attainment, it also affects the health of the pregnant girl and her unborn child. Issues concerning health will always be relevant, making this a great topic for an essay on teen pregnancy.

In your essay, you can talk about how teen pregnancy puts the expectant mother at a greater risk of high blood pressure (hypertension). Another health issue you can discuss is the risk of not getting the appropriate prenatal care (something that these teenage girls need during the first months of pregnancy), especially when parents are out of the picture or unsupportive. These health risks even continue after giving birth because teenage girls are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression compared to older women.

Since the baby is also at a risk, you can talk about how teen pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth. It also increases the chance of the baby being born with a low birth weight or anemia as well. Perhaps, the biggest health risk for the baby is that infant mortality (death) is high for teen mothers compared to older ones.

4. What Factors Lead to Teen Pregnancy?

Prevention of teen pregnancy is an important issue, and it is better to address the root cause if all preventative measures are to be effective. An essay dwelling on what factors lead to teen pregnancy is relevant for this reason.

This can be looked at from three different angles: individual risk factors, social risk factors, and family risk factors. Individual risk factors include substance abuse, lack of sex education, low self-esteem, sexual maturity at a young age, being sexually abused, and aversion to contraception. Social risk factors include peer pressure, having sexually active friends, dating early or dating older guys and having friends who are a bad influence. Family risk factors include lack of parental supervision, having a single parent, little to no meaningful interaction between a parent and a child, unresolved family issues and a history of teen pregnancies in the family.

5. Maintaining a Social Life While Dealing with Teen Pregnancy

Can pregnant teenagers still have a social life? Many teenage girls who are pregnant often suffer from social isolation. This can be because pregnancy can cause one to be more tired and sleep more, contributing to the social isolation, which can also lead to issues like depression.

You can write an essay talking about how pregnant teens can still have a social life, from hanging out with family and friends to going out on a date with their boyfriend. You can give some advice on how to budget time and plan events ahead of time so that they can at least hang out with their loved ones.

As you can see, these topics are relevant to modern times and should make a great essay. If you are stuck and don’t know what your essay on teen pregnancy should be about, just pick one of these topics and begin writing. But if it is not as simple as that because you may be overwhelmed with other college work, consider hiring a custom writing service to write a great essay for you on teen pregnancy issues.

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