5 Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying and Ways to Soothe

As a mother, you know that your baby is completely dependent on you for food, water, warmth, clothing, etc. The crying of a baby is the only way to communicate with his mother when things aren't just right, to get the attention and care needed. Sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out why a baby is crying and how to soothe him. Below are some reasons your baby may cry.

Your Baby Is Hungry

This is the most common reason babies cry, especially in the newborn period. As a matter of fact, babies get hungry very quickly. How long will it take for your baby to feel hungry depends on what you are feeding him, and baby's age. Babies being fed with breastmilk have a different timing to feel hungry again as compared to the babies who you are feeding with formula milk. Signals that a baby needs to eat begin far before crying, which the AAP states is a 'late stage' indicator of extreme hunger.

Your Baby Wants You to Hold Him

Babies need cuddling and physical contact with their mother to feel comfort and relaxation. Sometimes a baby cry is simply an indication that he needs physical touch and to be held. You can simply get closer to him to make him feel comfortable and soft and soothing touch of his mother. Some mothers understand this need of the babies so much that they start babywearing in order to carry him along. The baby loves to be closed to his mother as he loves her smell, her warmth, and sound of her heartbeat.

Your Baby Doesn’t Feel Well

This is also one of the very common reasons for a baby to cry. You can easily identify if your baby is not feeling well although he is looking quite well apparently. If the tone of the baby’s cry is not normal, it is a clear indication that your baby is not well. Sometimes, teething also makes your baby feel unwell, and he starts crying. Even if you don’t know the reason why your baby is feeling unwell, you can visit the health expert to get the idea about your baby’s health.

Your Baby Is Tired

Sometimes, when the baby is overtired, it becomes difficult to settle down for sleep. In such a situation, he starts crying, and you don’t know why. Most of the times, the babies start crying over the slightest things that indicate that they need to sleep. As a mother, you should always try to understand why the baby is so irritated and what steps you can take to help him sleep early.

Your Baby Needs A Diaper Change

When a wet diaper starts bothering your baby, he protests by crying aloud. Even if you don’t know why he cries, you should keep changing a diaper after regular intervals. Wet rashes are a real and serious matter. Moreover, give baby some time to spend without a diaper to feel relaxed. And if changing a diaper is more stressful than any other form of work at home, taking the psychopath test may be in order. Take the test on this website.

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