Keeping Your Kids Safe as They Get Older

When your kids are young, we do everything we can to keep them safe. Everything around the home is padded, there are covers on the outlets, Halloween candy is checked before consumed. We do this as long as we can, but there comes a time when your kids need to start looking out for themselves. The older they get, the more they do on their own, and the less we can protect them.

That being said, there are still some things that we as parents can do. Here are just a few suggestions on how you can help to keep your kids safe as they get older.

Teach Safety Precautions

First, you should start teaching your kids some safety precautions. These are the things that your parents likely taught to you – don’t go anywhere with strangers, always look both ways before crossing the street, don’t walk alone at night, etc. Unfortunately, there are dangers everywhere, even just walking down the street. According to MyPhillyLawyer, “Thousands of people are injured or killed in traffic accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles each year in the U.S.”

Every kid has to learn these lessons at some point, so you might as well start instilling them in your children now. The sooner you do, the more ingrained they will become. Then, long after they have left your home, they’ll still be looking both ways whenever they cross a street.

Pass on Safe Driving Habits

One of the more dangerous aspects of anyone’s life is driving. You’re cruising around at high speed alongside other drivers who are doing the same. While you can’t control their actions, you can at least control your own, and put into place practices to keep yourself safe. It’s these habits that you’ll want to pass onto your kids.

Show them the importance of wearing a seatbelt, of going the speed limit, and of always using their blinker. Teach them how to inspect their car for any issues before they drive, and how to remove distractions. By setting a good example, when the time comes for your kid to get their license, they will have a solid base of good habits in the back of their minds.

Know Where They Are

Even as your kids start to become more independent, you’ll want to keep track of where they are. If they’re going to a friend’s house, find out the address. If they have a club meeting or sports event, find out where it is. When they move out, have them check in with you when they’re traveling long distances. Knowing exactly where they are will help to ensure that they stay safe and also give you some piece of mind.

Just as important as knowing where they are though is knowing who they are with. What adults are in charge where they are going? Who can you call in an emergency? Can you trust the people they’re with? Get some detailed information before you let your child go anywhere, and keep up this habit for as long as they’ll let you.

Teach Them to Care for Themselves

Finally, no matter what you do, the time will come when they will be on their own. When this time comes, you want them to be able to take care of themselves. You can help to prepare them for this by providing them with the right tools.

For instance, they should know who to call in an emergency. Show them how to set up an appointment with their doctor, how to find a lawyer if they need one, or what to do when calling the police in an emergency.

You can also show them how you have made your home a safer place. Show them how to check the batteries in a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector, where to store a fire extinguisher, and what to place in a first aid kit. These are important things to know, and you’ll want your kids to be prepared when they move out.

Protect Your Kids for Years to Come

As parents we dread the day when we are no longer able to keep our kids safe. But if you instill in them the right lessons, and take some extra precautions yourself, you can do a lot to keep them safer even though they are becoming more independent. Just a little bit of time and effort can go a long way. Hopefully this list was able to give you some ideas, and both you and your kids will be able to live long and peaceful lives.

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