Finding the Help Injured Mothers Desperately Need

Getting hurt on the job is a nightmare that most of us hope to avoid, but also a reality that nearly 4 million individuals in the United States alone face each year. While this situation is difficult enough on its own, being a mother on top of suffering a debilitating injury can seem like an impossible task.

How can you care for your family when you can hardly get out of bed? Where will the money you rely on to put food on the table come from? More importantly, who has your back in the midst of this crisis?

Fear not, mothers of the world, help is just around the corner. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury that resulted in disability, then here’s what you need to know about ERISA and disability benefits.

The Kids Are Alright

The first thought that crosses a mother’s mind when tragedy strikes is the welfare of her children. While they aren’t the ones hurt in this situation, the person who cares for them on a daily basis will most likely be out of commission for quite some time.

Single or partnered, mothers in perfect health rely on a network of helping hands throughout their children’s development. Maybe a parent helps babysit from time to time, a daycare encourages growth while you’re at work, or another parent helps carpool the little ones to school. Whatever your network is, utilize it!

These support systems are just as crucial now as they ever were, and your children will be well taken care of thanks to them. What you need to focus on now is something called ERISA.


ERISA stands for Employee Benefits Security Administration, which is a branch of the Department of Labor that protects you and your beneficiaries in a variety of ways including injuries that result in disabilities. It covers retirement, welfare, and health plans to make sure you and your family receive the assistance you need.

During this time of crisis, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help. Why? Unfortunately, your place of employment might not be as understanding as you would think. Springer Ayeni Cupertino disability attorney handles all types of employee benefit cases, and is the type of attorney that can ensure you receive the funds promised to you through your employer.

Legalities might be the last thing on your mind when recuperating from the pain of an injury, but these individuals are here to bear the brunt of the legal system for you. Knowing you and your children are taken care of financially removes an enormous burden from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on getting better.

Living With a Disability

It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to adjust to, but living with a disability becomes easier with time. You might need to pick up a Disability Parking Placard from the Georgia Secretary of State, or whichever state you live in. You may need to take a medication regimen, start physical therapy, or change the way you do things around the home.

Remember, mothers are some of the strongest people in the world. No matter the challenges ahead, you can and will overcome them. With a little help to get yourself back on your feet, you’ll be back to doing what you love the most in no time; being a mom!

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