Writing a Blog on Parenthood: Original Approaches to Take

There are many people out there who are sure they are qualified enough to write a blog on parenthood. But they don`t know about these original approaches.

There are two types of parents. Those who share every moment and second of their kid`s life on social media whether it`s relevant or not (and whether it`s annoying or not) and those who leave no trace on social media when it comes to their bundles of joy (if you`re one of those people, then you`re probably a celebrity so congrats on that). Of course, there is a third type which is being represented by normal people with a moderate level of baby exposure but in terms of writing an interesting article, there is no need to mention them.

So you`re really enthusiastic and excited about your parenthood and that`s just awesome. If you feel like you can share your energetic vibe and wisdom with the thousands of clueless moms and dads out there and potentially earn money on giving out the tips (this is where things got interested, huh?), then starting a blog is a really good idea. Besides the reasons that we`ve stated, there is one more important factor that you would want to take into consideration.

Being a parent is exhausting and stressful. Of course, it`s rewarding and it brings you oceans of joy and happiness but still, it`s a huge responsibility. So getting in touch with the people just like you who are going to read your blog will help you feel like you`re a part of a community, you will be relatable, and you will feel the support of your readers even through the computer screen. Besides, it`s been scientifically proven that creative writing helps you to cope with the daily stress and eases the tension that your nervous system has been accumulating all along. Letting it all out in a text is one of the best psychological tricks to help you get a clear mind. Besides, if you`re a stay-at-home mom, you may want to start a blog like a certain project that will distract you from the usual day-to-day chaos. You can work from home, you can get good money. What`s not to love?

I know that some of you may deny the possibility of taking a plunge into the world of professional blogging because you`re too busy for that. Come on, you should at least try to dip your toe into that water. In case you fail at updating your blog in time, it`s not a problem if you know about a great reputable website which will always be ready to help you out. A quick request like: “Write my paper for me” can do miracles, trust me. It`s absolutely irreplaceable when your kids go to school and they have tons of essays to write. So put all the worries aside and start a blog. But taking into consideration that there are hundreds of them, your creation has to have some unique and original features. We have a few suggestions for you.

We`ll Just Cover the Basics Real Quick

Even if you`ve never written a blog, you must have read one at some point in your life. You have, right? Because we didn`t plan to stop on the basics for too long and in case you need a full starter-tips-package, you have two options here and we won`t say which one is better, it`s up to you. It`s your kids and your blog, after all! You can go through dozens of articles about the rules of blogging, advertising, and online marketing, and get your head filled with knowledge. Or you can dive right in without studying any examples. You`ll have a clear mind and won`t subconsciously use the imposed traditional pattern. It`s an ultimate way to create something absolutely different!

However, every sphere has its rules that you can`t just ditch theory if you want to succeed. You need to start with the decision on the topic. If you`re writing from your own experience, then it can be anything you`ve been through starting with pregnancy and ending with sending a kid to college. Then come up with the title. Some experts claim that the title itself isn`t that important and your readers will be associating your blog with whatever name you give to it. However, in terms of the Internet search process, it would be rather something short and easy to spell. Also, words which have many vowels work well.

Then you need to get a clear image of your audience. In order to do that, draw a parent who you think will represent your potential audience. Where does this person work, how many kids she/he has, what kind of household is that, what these people like to do for fun? Address your posts to this one person like you`re talking to your friend. It`s the main difference between journalists and bloggers. You will seem more relatable and human than a professional article writer. Now, let`s see what kind of creative approach you can take to win over your readers.

Moms Can Have Some Rest

Let`s look through the typical blogs on parenting. Various topics, tips, life stories, personal experience, all of this is the stuffing of a usual blog and the main feature is that almost all of them are written by women for women. Male parenthood blog can also be spotted (rather rarely though) and usually it`s a doctor`s platform. You can choose fathers as your target audience and direct your content to them. It doesn`t matter whether you`re a mom or dad. In fact, perhaps, it would be even better if a woman wrote a blog for men on parenthood. They can give a valid advice on how to support the pregnant partner and how to provide the maximum help and moral support. So think about starting a blog for daddies.

Motherhood Is a Mess and There Is No Need to Deny It

All those moms` blogs are typically soaking in attempts of showing the perfect lifestyle of a modern mother. These bloggers never seem to fail at any household chores, they always know how to calm the kids down and they even can easily control their toddlers` behavior which seems to be the most unreal job ever. Don`t you ever trust this idealistic image of a perfect mom with a perfect family and so on and so forth. You will be the one who writes the blog about the real life of a mother. There is no need to glorify such lifestyle because you can go crazy if you try to keep up with those unrealistic standards of parenthood. Write about the real struggles and perks, write that it`s alright to fail sometime at making your kids behave and it`s absolutely okay if you have a messy house, if your kid has a messy hair, and your life is a huge mess in general. New mothers will relate on the highest possible level.

Not a Marriage Counselor Yet But You Have a Potential

Yet again, the main focus in the blogs related to parenthood is often on the kids, their relationship with parents and with siblings. There are not many writers who provide the audience with the interesting information on a relationship between partners during pregnancy and the process of raising children. Having a baby brings drastic changes into the lifestyle of any family and, unfortunately, it can become a reason of certain conflicts and tension between spouses. If you decide to start covering this topic in your blog, you need to get a consent from your partner because you may give out some details of your private life to the whole Internet world to see.

However, writing about stuff like this will help you to look at your marriage from a different angle and analyze certain situations, process through all the words and deeds and it may, in fact, work just like counseling.

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