Tips To Help You Smartly Safeguard Your Home As A New Mom

Grid Independence

If you really want to have the safest home for your new family, you need redundant energy solutions that help make your home independent of the grid. The silver lining on the cost of such measures is that a comprehensively redundant solution will increase your property value while cutting down your utility bill and likely netting you a tax break.

Solar energy solutions are a great way to break in, here. For a 3.1 kWh system that your husband installs (unless you can get away from the young one(s) long enough to perilously traipse across the roof) will cost you $5k. In California, it will increase property value $20k, get you a tax break, and in large part emancipate you from your utility bill.

You’ll be safe should there be a power outage. The baby monitors can still be plugged in, you can always heat up milk, etc. What’s even better is that, if you’ve got wind and a running body of water nearby, for another $10k you can add wind and water energy solutions to your property, ensuring you’ll always have electricity even if the sky is cloudy and the power grid is down.

With these energy solutions, you additionally want to be careful to install cost-effective illumination solutions. If you’ve got LED lighting throughout the home, that will save money on your utility bill, and said LEDs will likely outlast traditional lighting solutions several times over as well. Plus they’re not as hot, so baby won’t be as likely to get burned when the terrible twos come around and the little tyke is getting into everything.

Lighting Considerations

In regard to lighting, you need to be sure that you light not just the inside of your house, but the outside as well. This can be a safety concern.

One strategy you can employ is installing exterior lanterns to help make your home more secure; according to, “Lighting the way into your home requires lighting that allows you or guests to enter safely. If you are coming in with an armload of grocery bags or your granny is coming for dinner, you want to make sure that there is enough illumination to prevent you or your guests from tripping on the doormat.”

When you’ve baby-proofed the inside of the house (cordoned off all the outlets and covered the rough edges while hiding the chemicals, etc.), when you’ve secured proper energy solutions, ensured everything outside is well-lit, and that you’ve got all supplies necessary to fix problems as they come, your next step should be to find repair contractors. You want to put contact information for these individuals somewhere you can find them when the going gets tough.

Consider water damage, as an example. For water damage, you definitely want to get things cleaned up quickly both for the sake of property value, as well as the safety of your home and children. Restoration Elite points out that you should be able to rely on whatever option you choose: “Trust and courtesy may not be the first thing that comes to most people’s mind when it comes to water damage experts, but with Restoration Elite, we make sure you get the best treatment along with your service.”

Comprehensive Protection

Don’t just get water damage emergency experts, either. Find those who take care of the roof, those who will help fix your HVAC if things go awry, appliance repairmen, and any other types you think you’ll need in the event of emergency.

Not only does your home need to have perpetual functionality, but it must be a secure home base for your children as they grow up. The steps you take now could be that which gives them a real edge on the world going forward. So be diligent, and safeguard where you can.

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