3 Ways To Help Kids Enjoy School More

Most kids tend to go through a phase in their life when they complain about school and don’t want to go. Some kids may say they dislike school altogether. It is often hard to tell whether they actually dislike school and are having a bad time or whether this is just a phase they pass through. For a lot of kids, they look back on school as being some of the best years of their lives – and this will be a realization that most kids have. To help them enjoy school more when they are actually there, here are some ways that teachers can make it more exciting. 

Do More Exercise With Them In School 

Doing exercise with kids is such a good way to make them enjoy school more – pretty much every child is bursting with energy and will be keen to use this up. Why not try to incorporate exercise into each school day? This will give the kids something to look forward to, as well as having something to break the day up a bit. Especially with younger kids, their focus is often very short-lived, so you sometimes have to work extra hard to keep them engaged. One way you can do this is by giving them a chance to move their bodies around a little. Here are some socially distanced activities you can do with kids, which are perfect for school. 

Make Your Lessons Interactive 

Making your lessons interactive is a key secret to keeping the kids happy and making them enjoy learning. Kids love to be quizzed, so when you have taught them something, get them to put their hands up and answer some questions. Quick-fire questions and answers work really well and add a little bit of excitement into the lesson. Another thing you can do is to ask them to put their thumbs up or down depending on how well they are understanding the lesson, so you can gauge who is struggling. 

Encourage And Motivate Them 

Kids do sometimes need a bit of encouragement and motivation to keep them going, so make sure you are doing this alongside challenging them. Motivation comes from wanting to impress your teacher a lot of the time – so the more they respect you, the more they will want to do well in your class. Give them a reason to do well – such as a sticker for the best-behaved person or the person with most of the answers right. Make sure you are rewarding kids for different attributes, so it isn’t just the same person every week. This could include behavior, improvement, ability, and creativity. Once kids enjoy school, it will be obvious how much they enjoy learning – you just need to motivate them to get to this point. This will give you as a teacher much more satisfaction too. School is somewhere not only to learn but to make friends and make amazing memories – so assist that by ensuring they’re having a good time.

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