5 Dream Jobs for People Who Love Kids

Finding your dream job can be a sure-fire to boost your happiness levels. When you spend more than a quarter of your adult life at work, it’s not surprising that it can have a significant effect on your life as a whole. By finding a role that challenges, motivates, and rewards you, you can ensure that your career is a positive part of your life, rather than merely a way of paying the bills. 

For many people, working with children is a way of gaining true enjoyment and fulfilment. Whether you’re working with babies and infants or toddlers and teens, nurturing or caring for youngsters can be a transformative role. If you love being around kids and you want to build a career that involves children, take a look at these dream jobs now: 

1. Teaching 

Unsurprisingly, becoming a teacher is a popular choice amongst people who enjoy being around kids. With high rates of employment and the opportunity to work anywhere in the country, choosing to train as a teacher can be a savvy career choice too. In addition to this, qualifying as a teacher in the U.S. will give you the opportunity to work overseas in the future, if you choose to. As a teacher, you’ll be able to work with kids at elementary, middle or high school but there are other ways to specialize too. You may want to undertake extra training so that you’re equipped to teach children with additional needs, for example. Whichever route you choose, becoming a teacher ensures your career will be centered around kids and gives you an opportunity to play a critical role in their development. 

2. Childcare Provider 

Millions of parents use childcare providers to ensure their kids can be looked after in a safe and nurturing environment when they’re unavailable. If a parent works full-time, for example, they may require a childcare provider to deliver wraparound care before and after school. Alternatively, parents might use childcare services full-time when their child is an infant. There are many different options to consider if you want to work in the childcare sector. You could become a live-in nanny and care for the same family for years at a time or you might prefer to work in a daycare setting, for example. As you gain experience in the industry, you may even choose to launch your own business and establish your own childcare company. When you decide to become a childcare provider, you do need to obtain the relevant training and credentials. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to decide which type of environment is right for you and how you can provide the best level of care to the kids you’re responsible for. 

3. Midwifery 

If you love kids, then helping to bring babies safely into the world might just be your dream job. As a midwife, you’ll care for women throughout their pregnancy and during the post-partum stage of their life. In addition to this, you’ll play an important role in assisting with deliveries and providing specialist care. As you might expect, significant training is required before you can qualify as a midwife. Typically, midwives begin their careers by qualifying as a Registered Nurse before choosing to specialize. When you enroll in online BSN to DNP programs, for example, you can use your existing professional credentials to take you to the next level. With reputable online BSN to DNP programs available at prestigious schools, becoming a Nurse Practitioner or a Certified Nurse Midwife might take less time than you think. 

4. Social Work 

Being a social worker can certainly be a challenging career, but it can be extremely rewarding too. If you’re passionate about helping people and you want to make a difference in people’s lives, qualifying as a social worker could be the perfect career option for you. As a social worker, you’ll help individuals, families, schools and communities, particularly during stressful times. This might involve visiting clients at home, assessing the suitable of childcare or arranging foster care placements. With the opportunity to specialize in particular areas, such as child welfare social work or psychiatric social work, there is plenty of scope to develop your career in accordance with your professional interests. Furthermore, the industry is expanding at a fast pace and job growth is expected to hit 13% by 2029, which is much higher than average. Due to this, it should be relatively easy to find roles as a social worker and use your skills to help others. 

5. Sports Coach 

If you enjoy being around kids, love sports and you’re passionate about fitness, becoming a coach is a great way to carve out a successful career. Many sports coaches work in a school setting but there are other options to consider too. You might want to work as a sports coach for a private sports academy, for example, or run after-school clubs and events for youngsters in your community. Being a sports coach can certainly be a fun and exciting job, particularly when you’re working with kids and teens. As well as inspiring youngsters to develop a love of sports, you’ll also have the opportunity to educate them about sports science, nutrition and fitness. This means you’ll be tasked with teaching kids important life skills, boosting their confidence and unleashing their potential. 

Finding Your Dream Job 

It can take time to discover what your dream job really is, so don’t panic if you can’t decide right away! By getting as much experience as possible and seeking advice from existing professionals, you can learn more about what different roles entail and find out which ones could be right for you. From volunteering at summer camps, getting involved with the PTA or becoming a teacher’s aide, there are many ways to gain experience working with kids. Whatever roles you subsequently apply for, you will find that this stands you in good stead and helps you to shape your dream career.

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