Free Calls Internet Package and What it Means for you

Do you use the landline quite frequently? If you are nodding in agreement, you need to remember that you are not the only one in the UK who chooses to use the traditional means to stay in touch. There are certain companies and even people who work from home tend to use their landlines all too often. You do not need to shy away from the fact that landlines work for you. That is why your broadband provider has considered you and your landline needs when creating packages. In fact, you could opt for an internet package that allows free calls so you can get on the line for work-related calls as well as for personal calls.

Let’s look at some internet packages that are currently on offer

The line rental option

Most of the people in the UK have settled for the line rental option. The line rental option ensures that your internet cables are effectively connected and takes care of any repair costing that you may incur should cable damage arise. This is but one option available at your disposal. This option, however, is most sought after by people who solely require the internet and do not really need to use the landline. If you make less than 5 phone calls per day, perhaps you would be happier and safer with the option of a line rental package.

If you are the type of person who craves the best of both worlds in terms of having a strong internet connection and a great deal on your landline phone call charges, then this may not be the best package for you at all. 

Using your Landline a Lot? 

If you use your landline a lot, consider a free calls internet package. Most packages do come with free calls anytime or free calls at certain times option. The free calls at specific times option are usually restricted to calls made later in the evenings or during the weekends. If you require better deals on your calls during the week, you can consider the following internet line rental providers.

NOW broadband: This internet provider offers free anytime calls. Despite the option of getting free calls at any time, you also have the option of paying next to nothing for landline calls and having an unlimited download speed. Is that the icing on the cake for you? It surely is. 

Well, Virgin Media offers a similar package. The Virgin Media option is priced the same as the NOW broadband option at 25 dollars monthly. With the Virgin Media package deal, you do have the option of getting unlimited downloads at a faster speed in comparison to NOW media’s option as well as access to those unlimited packages. Again you need to see if your region of the UK falls within Virgin Media’s package offering.

NOW broadband and Virgin Media are merely two connection providers. There are several more who all offer the best possible landline and internet package for you. All you need to do is compare all the package deals until you find one that satisfies you.

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