5 Tips for Healing After Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy is a joyful experience for many women and a time of great hope. Unfortunately, not every pregnancy ends in a live birth. A pregnancy ended often means a dream unfulfilled and a heart broken. While there is so much out there about pregnancy education, information on working through pregnancy loss can be hard to find. There is hope after pregnancy loss, and these are the five things you can do to get to a place of healing and closure.

Communicate With Your Partner

Many couples find the grief and heartache too much to bear and may drift apart after a pregnancy loss. This is especially true for couples who have chosen to end a pregnancy, and when both parents weren't completely on board with the decision. However, it's important to discuss how you both feel about what happened without placing blame on one another in the aftermath to move past it.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

Depending on how far along you were, losing a pregnancy can be invisible to the rest of the world and can make you feel like you shouldn't be upset about an early loss. On the contrary, pregnancy losses are very common sources of grief for women, with many feeling they are the walking wounded. Permit yourself to grieve the loss rather than trying to suppress or run away from the pain. There is healing and hope on the other side of that grief, but the only way to get there is to work your way through it.

Recognize What's Normal

Since many women experience depression and anxiety following pregnancy loss, it's important to track your emotions and understand what is normal and when it's time to seek professional help. It's expected that such a loss will leave you feeling sad, but if it persists or causes thoughts of self-harm or other worrisome behaviors, you may be suffering from more than just the blues. Don't be afraid to seek help if you're unsure.

See Your Doctor

It's important to see your doctor to follow up on all medical concerns that crop up after a loss. Your doctor can help you figure out how long to wait before getting pregnant again and check on healing or persistent symptoms. Losing a pregnancy is an emotional experience, but it's also a medical issue requiring proper care.

Find Support

Finding support from other women will help you realize that you are not alone in this. There are many women just like you who have had miscarriages. Some women have had abortions and suffer from guilt and regret even if it's not talked about much. Connect with others who have been through the loss, whether in your community or on social media. Also, don't be afraid to open up to other women in your family, church, or circle of friends.

Pregnancy loss touches the lives of so many women, but it isn't always spoken about in the open. If you've experienced this loss, you'll need to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually as best you can.


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