5 Ways to get active with your children

Making a physical activity part of your routine is great for everyone's health, and it will also mean your little people will grow to be healthy adults too. Getting moving and raising your heart rate is recommended, of course, to keep your body healthy, but it's also a huge boost for mental wellbeing too. Not only that, but children love any opportunity to connect with their parents and spend time together having fun. So there are loads of great reasons to get active; here are six ways you can do just that.

Backyard games 

The easiest way to add some activity to your day is to get out into the yard with your children and play. Knock a ball around, toss a Frisbee, and play tag. If you have a little time, set up an assault course to clamber around or create stations to work your way through, including things like jump rope for a count of thirty, hit a target with a ball or hula-hoop for one minute. Why not really put some thought into it and go on an imaginary journey around your yard? Pretend you're in a jungle perhaps, and along the way, you have to crawl on the ground through imaginary passageways, jump over rivers, and balance across rope bridges crossing a huge ravine. It's sure to raise a few giggles along with your heart rate! 

Go for a hike 

The U.S. has some amazing countryside, so take lots of opportunities to explore your local area on foot. Choose different landscapes such as meadows, forests, rocky terrain, and your child will be learning about the world around them too. There are some great books available on exploring nature so why not grab one and see if you can understand more about the creatures and plants who live alongside you too? Visit the playpark Some of the best childhood memories are made at the playpark, and joy is increased when mom and dad join in too! Get climbing, sliding, balancing, and swinging, and you'll quickly find it makes the park a lot more fun for you too! 


There are few moments so full of unadulterated happiness than losing all inhibitions and freely dancing with your little ones. Make a happy playlist on whatever music app you use. It doesn't need to be children's songs specifically, so why not choose some tunes that take you back and put a smile on your face too? So whenever you feel like it, have an impromptu boogie! 

Do home workouts 

If you prefer to have more structure when exercising, you can find some great at-home workouts online. For instance, Moms Into Fitness have online workouts that can be as short as 15 minutes and can be completed throughout the week. You will even find some great guidance on nutrition that is perfect for kids too! 

Get on your bike 

Swapping four wheels for two is an ideal way to fit more activity into your daily routine. For shorter journeys, or even just for fun, it's great to demonstrate to youngsters that you don't need to take the car every time and it makes travel less mundane. A quick trip to the store on your bike feels like an outing compared to a car ride. Getting active doesn't have to be time-consuming or a chore, but demonstrating to your children that life is more fun when you get moving is beneficial in so many ways, and you'll probably find you increase your own fitness at the same time too.

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