Mixing the Generations – Why Your Baby Should Get to Know Your Elderly Relatives

Your baby is a precious bundle of intense delight and awe. When they are first born you want to show them off to the world. However, after the initial visit is over, you may feel a little nervous about taking your baby back to see your elderly relatives, especially if they are in an assisted living environment. What if your baby cries or needs a nappy change while you are there? What if your bundle of joy upsets the other residents? Will you be asked to leave? These may be things that worry you, but you shouldn’t let them. There are plenty of reasons why it is fantastic for the old and young to intermingle, regardless of whether they are related or not. Here are the top reasons why you should mix the generations. 

A Sense of Belonging 

Everyone needs a sense of belonging, whether they are young or old. Many assisted living facilities, such as the Mcknight Place assisted living facility, positively encourage family time and some facilities even promote this by holding baby groups in their facilities. The generations of your family can get to know each other and give each other a strong sense of belonging. 


The older generation tends to have a lot of time on their hands and although they may not be able to run after a toddler or change a nappy as well as they once could, the gift of time can help your baby’s development immensely. Studies have shown that when babies get lots of attention from elderly relatives, they are likely to develop quickly. Elderly people have more time to chat and read to babies and these activities don’t involve having to be physically active. This will help your baby to speak sooner, develop a more varied vocabulary, and become a better reader as they grow. 


Your baby will gain a lot of confidence from being taken to an assisted living facility as they will be able to meet and interact with new people. The chances are they will enjoy a lot of attention from all the residents who will look forward to seeing them. This will make the eventual transition to kindergarten and school a lot smoother for your child. 


Integration will give your child empathy and respect for the elderly that they might not develop elsewhere. They will understand the limitations and difficulties of people around them and this could lead them to have a very caring nature as they get older. 


Both the young and old will enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other. Older people love seeing their families, especially their young relatives as this helps them to stop feeling isolated and encourages them to feel useful. The chances are they can give you a lot of helpful advice about the baby too. Everyone can benefit from the wisdom of the older generation. Don’t be nervous about your baby upsetting your elderly relatives by being too loud or adventurous as they discover the world around them. The chances are your elders will be more upset if they don’t get to see the baby regularly.

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