How Can Excessive Weight Loss Hurt Your Health?

Are you taken in by posts that claim to make you size zero in less than a week? Weight loss has become a hot topic in today’s time. Indeed an attractive figure can be pleasing to the eyes. But in our over enthusiasm to look great, are we missing out one something more critical? 

Health experts opine that excess weight loss in a very short period of time can have a damaging impact on your body and overall health. Let us look at how the promise of rapid weight loss harms your body. 

Weight Loss Supplements Can Cause Cancer 

Yes, you have read that right. If you have approached a dietician with the goal of weight loss, it is likely that he or she suggested some supplements to you. But did you ever research on the side-effects that these supplements have? 

Popular supplement Belviq has been struck down by the FDA as it is seen to cause cancer. If you or your loved one has been hurt by its consumption, you can file a Belviq lawsuit and get compensated. 

You May Miss Out Necessary Nutrients 

One of the popular methods suggested for rapid weight loss is the starvation technique. In this technique, you may be suggested to go without food for long periods of time. Further, even when you are allowed, you may only be asked to stick to a few items only. Sticking to such a diet for a long time can deprive you of many essential nutrients. 

Though you may not notice these deficiencies initially and feel flattered by your figure, over time, they may interfere with normal body functioning. Without the proper nutrients, your body tends to get weak from the inside. 

May Compromise Your Immune System 

Even if they do not ask you to starve, the rapid weight loss programs only allow an extremely rationed amount of food. Even then, there is a strict chart of things that you can have. Most of these items that are included in weight loss charts cannot provide your body with a sufficient amount of minerals and salts.

When you deprive your body of a regular balanced diet for too long, the immune system starts to respond differently. It is observed that many of the people who go for rapid weight loss programs tend to fall sick easily. This is because their immune system has been compromised, and they are not prepared to fight the germs and viruses. 

May Harm Your Mental Health 

Even though you may not have imagined it, your gut and your brain are actually connected. When your body begins to lose weight too quickly, the brain finds it difficult to adjust to these new changes. Further, even though you may feel that weight loss will make you happy, it often leads to the contrary. Excess weight loss can cause body image issues that are difficult to deal with. 

Final Thought 

So instead of rapid weight loss programs, why not choose a gradual one? It will be much easier on your body, and you will be able to enjoy far better and lasting results.

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