Why It’s Worth Choosing Your Child’s School Early

We’ve all seen an episode of a sitcom at some point, where the protagonists have had a baby, and are looking at fancy schools before their child is even out of diapers. You may think that this is just a story for the screens or something that only parents looking at the most prestigious schools need to think about. But, while very early applications aren’t the norm, and certainly aren’t typically necessary, it can be worth starting to think about your child’s first school much earlier than you might think. You’ll definitely want to think about it before the year in which you’ll apply for their place. Here are some of the reasons why. 

To Allow Time for Visits 

Kindergarten and early years education might not seem that important to some, and many parents will just apply for the school that’s closest to their home. It is, however, one of the most important stages in your child’s education. It’s during these early years that they build the blocks, and learn the core skills that will help them as they move through their school career. 

Location is, of course, a prime consideration. But, you should visit schools to get a feel for the atmosphere and the mood, things that you can’t read on a website or in a prospectus. The best way to compare schools is to visit them. Give yourself plenty of time to do this. 

To Make the Big Decisions 

Private school or public school? Single or mixed gender? Catholic or non-denomination? A school where the arts are given priority or one with a greater academic focus? These things matter and the decisions that you make could affect your child’s future, even after they have left school. Give yourself time to consider the options, compare the different approaches, and talk it through within your family. 

To Allow More Time for Preparation 

Starting school is a big deal for your child. You shouldn’t expect them to just walk in happily. Knowing what school they are likely to go to means that you can start to prepare them early by talking about the school, pointing it out when you are nearby, exploring playgrounds in the area, and even talking about things like the uniform. 

Knowing what school they are going to can also help you to make decisions in your home life, such as moving house, or changing job. Without an idea, you spend the first few years of their life unable to plan for your own future. 

Preschool Matters 

Some of the best schools offer pre-K education, giving your child stability and a chance to make friends before school. These preschool years are important and making the right decision can have countless benefits for your child, and your family. Check out visitation.net to learn more about a fantastic school that offers pre-K education and support. 

Choosing a school can be a daunting process. Giving yourself time to do it means that you can make visits, ask questions, communicate with other parents, and really take your time to get it right. This time can help your family to move forward with confidence and joy, instead of feeling rushed, pressured, and worried.

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