How to Succeed as an Accountant as a Mom

If you want to work in accounting and are a mom, you can do it! You just need to follow some essential tips that we highlight below, and success will be yours. 

Plan Out Childcare

If you’re a busy accountant, studying for your CPA exam online, and raising a family, it can be a big load. Unfortunately, not all of us have parents in the same city willing to help out with the kids. 

That’s why it’s vital to have backup options when your babysitter isn’t available when you and your partner are busy with work. Of course, bringing children to work is done more these days, but most agree it isn’t the ideal. 

So, program your phone with professional babysitting businesses or nannies if your routine childcare plans fall through. You may not ever need them, but it’s good to have them just in case. 

Also, talk to your partner about who will take a personal day if something unforeseen happens and you have two kids at home for the day. Having backup plans in place when contingencies occur will make life less stressful and easier to focus on work. 

Let Go

By this, we mean you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to be a terrific mother. Your priority is your family, followed by your job. But you don’t need to make cookies with your children every day or handmake costumes for Halloween and school plays. 

Let go of that nagging feeling to be perfect, and you and your kids will be better for it. 

Check-In But Don’t Get Distracted

When you’re at work, allow yourself about 20 minutes to check on the kids every day. Of course, if someone gets sick at school, you’ll need to take time off work and care for your family. 

Otherwise, do your best to deal with child and family matters at home and accounting work when you’re in the office. 

And when you’re in the house, take 15 or 20 minutes to check your email and review current projects. 

Don’t Take On Too Much At Home

Many mothers and fathers have full-time jobs at work and home each day. But if you find yourself running out of time to take care of your family responsibilities after 10 hours as an accountant, you’ll need to talk to your partner about dividing the work at home more evenly. 

This conversation isn’t always easy, but for the sake of your family and career, it’s one that you should have as soon as you can. 

Ask For Remote Work Or Flex Time

In the time of COVID-19, more Americans than ever are working remotely and flexing their work schedules. It’s estimated that at least 26% of Americans will be working remotely this year, which is about 80% more than were doing so before the pandemic. 

See if your manager will let you work at home twice per week, which will reduce commuting time and effectively add time to your day. 

Or, inquire with HR about changing your work hours; some companies allow working four, 10-hour days so you can have three days off. 

Of course, asking for flex time and remote work is easier if you’re a top performer in your organization. When you’re getting excellent marks on your reviews and positive feedback from clients, there’s a good chance your supervisor will accommodate you. 

It can sometimes be challenging to balance being a great accountant and mom, but doing both is possible with planning and discipline. But remember to be kind to yourself and don’t expect perfection. 

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