Top Reasons Why Rattle Toys are Best for Your Baby

baby with estella organic baby rattle
Baby with Estella organic baby rattle toy

As a new parent, you might be thinking through all of how you want to engage your baby. You might have thought of social interaction and even whether leaving the television on for noise is a good idea or not. But of all the ways that you can help your baby, the simple rattle toy is still considered by many to be the best option. These kinds of toys have unique benefits, so that you will start to see the beautiful effects on your baby.

Why the Rattle Toy is the Best Option for Your Baby

There are a lot of toys that can get the attention of your baby. The rattle toy is one of the best options for you to choose from. To help you know the benefits of a toy, here are some of the ways the toy will help your baby as they grow.

  • The first thing a rattle toy will do is help teach your baby about movement and sound. They will learn that a sound will come from the toy when they move their arm or hand. This concept is crucial because it will help your child focus on things as they grow up.
  • The toy will also be able to help your baby zero in on sounds. They can direct their attention to the direction of the sound.
  • You will find that it can help with motor skills. Your child will learn that a sound can be generated that is pleasing to their ears through movement.
  • You will also find that your baby will want to grab the toy and hold it for dear life. It is an easy option for them to have to teach them how to use their hands and grab items. Simply place the rattle just out of reach of your baby and watch how they move towards the toy. You will find that your baby will quickly learn how to roll and crawl towards the new toy.
  • You can also use the toy as an incentive to promote advanced motor skills.
  • Your baby will also get to work on hand and eye coordination. As your baby rattles the toy, they will want to focus on the sound.
  • The toy can also help your baby learn to play by themselves. The rattle will encourage your baby to move the toy to hear the sound. And as they grow, you may even find them producing rhythmic motions with it.
  • You can use the rattle to help your crawling baby learn to locate sounds and objects by hiding the rattle and making sounds with it. Your baby will start to move towards the sound until they find the rattle.

There are a lot of toys that you can use to help your baby grow, but the rattle is the one that they will hold onto for a long time. It can be used in a wide variety of ways to help your baby develop skills that they will use to build their life on.

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