How to Feel Yourself Again After Pregnancy

Having a baby is one of the most magical moments in any parent’s life. After all, you’re bringing a whole new life into the world! It can take a toll on you, though, and after nine months of fluctuating hormones and a changing body, you might feel it’s time to get back to your usual self – here is how. 

Start an Exercise Routine 

Many women expect their bodies to go back to how they once were soon after pregnancy, but it can take a long time to shift that baby weight. By creating an exercise regime, though, you will steadily reduce your body fat so that you can fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes once more. 

If you’re not long back from the hospital, it’s best not to rush into hardcore workouts. Instead, try gentler exercises like yoga, as it is a great way to increase your flexibility, improve your posture, and burn some calories without pushing your body too hard (just make sure you listen to your body if you feel pain). To get started, look for some quality yoga mats for ultimate comfort before joining a class or following online tutorials. 

See Your Friends 

Having a newborn in the house can make socializing difficult, but it’s important to schedule time with your friends. After all, they’re probably eager to meet your little bundle of joy! While you will want to give your baby all your attention, chatting and reminiscing with people outside your household will help you feel like your old self again. 

Have a Pamper Day 

Giving birth is anything but easy, and you might feel disconnected from your body once it is over. While you might not feel or look the way you once did, a pamper day will give you the beauty treatment you need to feel confident in yourself. 

Read an Old Favorite Novel 

It is hard work looking after a newborn – you must feed them, change their diaper, and be there to tend to every other need. While this means you won’t have as much time to go out, you can still do the things you once loved in your home, such as reading an old favorite novel. The great thing about reading is that you can do it while sitting by the crib, with your baby on your lap, or even in the bath when you have ten minutes to yourself. So, let yourself sink into a familiar world for a while, and you’ll soon feel better. 

Chat with Other New Moms 

If you’re struggling during the early days, you can always reach out to mommy groups (either online or in-person) to seek advice and chat with people in a similar situation. It’ll show you that everything you are feeling is completely normal, and you’ll likely end up making new friends along the way. 

Appreciate Your Body 

Many new mothers struggle with body image post-birth. While it is healthy to eat well and keep up an exercise regime, you should also learn to appreciate your body for more than just the way it looks. After all, it was incredible enough to bring your little one into the world, so it deserves a lot of love and appreciation.

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