Trails Carolina Can Help Children Heal - Find Out How!


Mental health issues are challenging for anyone to deal with, and often, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to recovering. If your child or teenager has been suffering from mental health problems, you might have heard of Trails Carolina, and you may be wondering how this company can help.

Trails Carolina is focused upon how wilderness therapy can help young people build their communication skills, their confidence, and their coping mechanisms to deal with mental problems. The program is about stepping away from the negative influences of everyday life and starting to find ways to heal.

What Does The Company Do?

This company provides participants with a focus and helps them to regain control and balance in their lives. It gives children a new environment, away from the distractions of phones and social expectations, and outside of the pressures of everyday life.

With a therapeutic environment, the classes help kids to build their confidence and learn some skills that will help them return to daily life with more resilience and trust in themselves. The company focuses on adolescents and is tailored to help with a wide range of mental problems, including:

  • ADHD

  • Autism

  • School refusal

  • Attachment issues

  • Substance abuse

  • Low self-esteem

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Learning difficulties

Families are encouraged to participate too and will enjoy weekly calls with other families. They will also do some workshops together. This ensures everyone is embarking on a journey of healing, and increases the sense of cooperation, especially for the child engaging in the activities.

What Activities Are Offered?

So, how does Trails Carolina actually help? Let’s look at the elements of the program that your child will benefit from.

Teaching Self Care

Often, children who are struggling with mental health issues will neglect to care for themselves, perhaps because they don’t feel they are worthy of care, or because they lack the motivation, or for other reasons. One of the top things that Trails Carolina focuses on is changing this.

The programs all put an emphasis on looking after yourself and enhancing confidence. They show your child that they can overcome challenges, and they are worth investing in.

The experience will cover all kinds of wellness topics, which include good nutrition, sleep, hygiene techniques, and the responsible use of medicine. 

Self-care runs through every element of the program, encouraging your child to prioritize their well-being and health at all moments.


When it comes to bringing the mind and the body together, Trails Carolina has turned to yoga. It offers both mental and physical benefits and will provide your child with a long-lasting method to help themselves feel calmer.

As a means of releasing tension, the program covers therapeutic yoga, creating a great habit for your child to continue long after the program has ended.

With deep breathing techniques and the experience of feeling taller and being more aware of their bodies, children will be empowered and feel more comfortable about who they are. A key skill, this can be carried well beyond the confines of the program, and will make a difference to every aspect of your child’s life.


It has been proven that exercise is good for the mind, and once your child has spent some time at the Trails Carolina base camp, they will launch into some amazing outdoor activities. These will work on honing their team-building and cooperation skills and improving their self-esteem.

Activities include things like canoeing and rock climbing. Away from the discomfort and stiffness of a traditional therapy room, your child may find that they are able to think more clearly about their challenges and address the things that are holding them back.

There are plenty of opportunities to form positive friendships via cooperation, and trained staff are on hand to help students work through the emotions that may result from the stimulating environment. Children will be able to see how their mental problems have an impact on their lives and will have a chance to try and work around these handicaps and overcome them.


The child’s studying will not be neglected, and Trails Carolina provides an excellent classroom environment, helping to build skills your child will need in order to return to regular schooling. This helps to integrate lessons learned while at Trails Carolina with the everyday life they will return to.

The teacher is certified and familiar with helping students with various learning difficulties. Trails Carolina believes academia is crucial to the long-term success of the child. Helping your child to feel motivated by their education will set them on the path to success and self-empowerment.

The academic aspect also encourages your child to understand what learning techniques work well for them, helping them to take control of their education and make a stand for what they need. It motivates, encourages, and builds confidence.


Trails Carolina looks at all the different aspects of mental health and interacts with the challenges that are posed by mental problems in many different ways. Away from the normal setting, children can relax and start to open up about their challenges, as well as learn new skills that will help them going forward.

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