The Most Affordable MSN Programs to Take in 2021

Several universities offer the flexibility of attending accredited online msn programs regardless of where you are or your commitments. In addition, they have flexible lesson plans which make it easy to enroll and enhance your skills, even when you’re already working.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a remarkable growth of opportunities and higher salaries in the nursing sector. For instance, the Nurse Midwives, Nurse Anesthetists, and Nurse Practitioners’ median wage for 2020 was $117 670, with a job outlook projection of up to 46% in the next decade (higher than the average in all fields). However, the affordability of courses is still a concern to several students desiring to advance to a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).

The Most Affordable MSN Online Programs in 2021

1.    Appalachian State University in Boone, NC

The Appalachian State University offers an online MSN program focusing on educational creativity, leadership and research, and nursing practice. Requirements for joining the program include a nursing experience of up to one year.

You can choose specialties like Contemporary issues in Nursing, Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing, Nursing Program Development, and Evaluation, and Educational Tests and Measurements in Nursing.

CCNE accredits the school. It charges $127 per credit for in-state students and $925 for out-of-state students, with 39 credits.

2.    Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK

This institution offers an online MSN in Nursing Informatics and Nursing Education. Their accelerated programs necessitate up to 32 credit hours, with a curriculum of 11 courses that you can complete in 12 months. They break down into 18 credits of core courses emphasizing evidence-based practice and advanced research, 12 credits of Nursing Education or Nursing Informatics courses, and two practicum credits.

Their tuition fee is $4048 annually.

3.    The University of Missouri in Columbia, MD

The University of Missouri offers online MSN targeted to nurses holding post-graduate or post-baccalaureate degrees. Their primary specialties include:
• Family nurse practitioners.
• Nurse educators.
• Pediatric clinical nurse specialists.
• Adult/ gerontology clinical nurses.
Their graduates can work as Nurse Leaders, Advanced Practice Nurses, or Nurse Educators.
The University of Missouri MSN online program is accredited by CCNE (Higher Learning Commission), charges $218 per credit, and has between 43 and 47 credits.

4.    Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS

The Fort Hays State University offers two online MSN degrees, the Nurse Administration and Nurse Educator. Their programs are most suitable for working RN nurses who desire a career in Nursing Education. Their curriculum includes:
• Teaching strategies in nursing.
• Developing nursing theories.
• Advanced pathophysiology.
• Health assessment for nurse administrators and educators.
The program is certified by CCNE, has 36 credits, with a cost of $298.55 each.

5.    Middle Georgia State University in Macon, GA

This is the ultimate online MSN program for students desiring to pursue a career in acute healthcare environments. Their curriculum emphasizes health maintenance, health promotion, differential diagnosis, use and prescription of non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic interventions, and disease management.
Their coursework also incorporates the Six Sigma principles and Lean Management skills. The program has 43 credits, going at $255 each. ACEN accredits it: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Accredited online MSN programs aim at preparing graduates to work as policy experts, managers, and educators in the field. The learning is very flexible and offers an excellent return on both time and financial investments. However, ensure that the institution you’re enrolling in accepts students from your region and you meet all the requirements of their MSN program.


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