How to Look After Your Wellness While Studying for an Ed.D

The act of studying can be tiring and stressful. With looming deadlines and an abundance of lectures all leading you towards examinations that determine your grade and whether you pass or fail, it can become all too easy to forget to care for your physical and mental wellbeing while you hit the books and write your essays. While it is important to study and expand your knowledge, so too is ensuring that you are looking after yourself. Even the simple practices of eating a healthy, homecooked meal and getting an early night’s sleep can work wonders in ensuring that you are revitalized enough to perform better. 

Caring for yourself becomes even more important as you go on to study for a doctorate in a certain field, such as education. A doctorate can be an intensive part of your life as you have in-depth studies to attend and examinations to pass. However, in the end, the added stresses of obtaining a doctorate can be worth it and can lead you towards a satisfying career path with plenty of opportunities. For instance, if you possess an Ed.D, you can become a high school principal. This is an exciting career prospect for those who love to work with children. 

If you are hoping to work toward an Ed.D, or perhaps you already are but are struggling with the pressures of doing so, here are some useful tips to help you care for yourself so that you can perform to the best of your ability. 

Find the Right Form of Study for You 

Today, you do not have to be confined to studying at a traditional university. The option to study online is a viable and serious option. What’s more, it allows those who may need added flexibility because of parental or professional responsibilities to continue their studies without having to travel to and from campus and stick to a tight study schedule. 

Online study is a great option for many people because, as mentioned before, it offers more flexibility but is also typically cheaper. You can log on and complete your studies at your own pace as long as you hit the deadlines that are expected of you. This can reduce a person’s stress levels, but it also allows the student to take better care of themselves. If you are still wondering “is an Ed.D worth it?” be sure to read the linked article from Marymount University. The interview explains the benefits of studying for a doctorate in education and the career paths it opens up for you. 

Create a Study Schedule 

There are numerous benefits to creating and sticking to a study schedule. Not only does it keep you on the right path so that you can continue checking off the items on your to-do list, but it also paints you a clear picture of how you are spending your time and allows you to schedule some free time to unwind and care for yourself. After all, it is vital that you schedule in relaxation time so that you can take your physical and mental needs into consideration. 

There are many ways to create a study schedule. Ideally, you should have a digital and physical copy so that you can see one hanging up in your home (and so that others such as family members can see it) and one on your laptop and phone so that you can easily check what needs to be done when you are online.

You will want to write down all coursework deadlines and any looming exams that are coming up. From there, you should also include any lectures and seminars. Once these are noted, you can start to schedule your hours of study, making sure to include the subjects you will be studying and for how long. The more details you include in your study schedule, the less time you will spend trying to remember what it is you were planning to achieve. 

Once you have scheduled everything study and school related, it is time to include any plans outside of university, such as sporting activities or meet-ups with friends and family. What’s more, you should include mundane tasks which you may think are redundant like “gym” and “meal prep” so that you know to stick to these tasks, too. 

While it may seem odd scheduling in time to relax and do nothing (perhaps you want to spend an hour each evening watching your favorite anime), it can help you stick to your relaxation hours so that you do not end up burnt out. 

Find a Calming Place of Study 

Studying is stressful, especially if you do not have the right environment to optimize your study habits. Usually, students thrive in an environment that is quiet, cozy, and has minimal distractions. Of course, the coronavirus has forced many students to create a study spot within the confines of their own homes, and while this lessens the freedom you may be used to, it does provide you with the motivation to study in a space that is optimal for your study habits. If you are ever unsure on how to create the perfect space or are struggling because of living in a small environment, there are many tips online on how you can create a productive study area

Eat Healthy Meals 

Certain foods help unlock your potential and improve concentration levels. For instance, junk food and food that is laced with sugar and saturated fats will make you feel sluggish and sleepy. You should avoid these foods so that you can remain alert and focused instead. Rather, you should be eating meals that are enriched in healthy protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as dark leafy greens. Drinking green tea is also a good idea since it contains high levels of EGCG which has been linked with better learning and memory. For a snack, you could cut an apple into slices and spread peanut butter on them. 

Studying for an Ed.D can be tiresome and stressful, but there are many benefits. Not only do you unlock the potential of working within an exciting field, but you earn an impressive qualification. Remember to always look after yourself, however, so that you can continue to excel and unlock your potential.

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