Pikler Furniture: Innovations In The World Of Children's Fittings

Amy Pikler was convinced that every child could, and should, learn the basic types of movements from the inside on their own, their specific types of activities, in their own time. She saw that children do not need any encouragement or exceptional support for this, but that loving, attentive supervision and guidance from adults and a safe and child-friendly environment are prerequisites for the healthy development and maturation of the child's personality.

Play equipment according to Emmy Pikler: whether it's climbing arches, bouncing boards, a climbing triangle, a bench, or Pikler's maze and a crawling box: every play equipment in Emmy Pikler's understanding is designed in terms of construction and size, so even small kids can use it on their own and explore.

The game material, and the entire game environment, are adjusted so that additional interventions and help from adults are practically unnecessary. In the case of little kids, this can also be done, for example, by limiting the play area with a playing net. Moreover, wood is used almost exclusively as a material for all pikler furniture — it is stable and durable and gives children a unique tactile sensation.

Best furniture for games

Here is a list of the best Pikler furniture:

  • The Pikler triangle is the perfect solution for developing motor skills in babies from around ten months of age, and is also known as the so-called triangle stand. With the Pikler triangle, even young children can develop their motor skills according to their age — without parental intervention. The triangle is used for climbing and playing.

  • The Pikler arch is an arch that is excellent for climbing, gymnastics, and games. Most climbing arches can be used shortly after birth. It is also suitable for a child's first attempts to stand up. It is accessible in various shapes, sizes, and variations, so kids can swing or roll with it, depending on the model.

  • A balance board is a particular type of arch. For this, only a unique design is characteristic. The rainbow swing has multi-colored panels in rainbow colors.

Pikler's Philosophy

The kid's room plays a central role in Amy Pikler's pedagogy. This ambiance educates kids. It should be designed in such a way that, on the one hand, parents or educators should not need to constantly intervene to protect a child from a risky situation, or even free him from it. The prepared space must be adapted to a child's abilities, i.e., it must also be constantly changing as the child's abilities develop.

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